-1 week to the demo release!

North Rhine-Westphalia 2018.10.14, written by Kuna.

Only one week left until the demo release! 🌟

The last days to perform all the necessary beta testing and pack the game. And that’s not all! Other preparations are meant to be completed as well.

One of them will be the new website, about which you’ll be able to read in this post. Then I plan to open a Patreon page, in the hope to collect some funds and create the next chapters of the story. Then of course the itch.io page is ready to be published and will be the main place where to download the game.

New website!

This blog served well for the past two years and I’m going to use it for a little longer. However a new home page is being built and will be online within the end of 2018. It will contain a link to this blog so it will be possible to read all the past posts any moment.

Why a new home page? Well, I’d like to have a landing page that’s easier to consult with a news feed concerning the development and the releases.

Story, Characters and System will be easily accessible from there and hence removed from this blog. 

The Gallery will mostly contain high resolution CGs from the game, but I plan to keep some official art there too.

The Download section will contain all the chapters of the game already released and ready to be downloaded as well as those coming soon. 

Then I plan to have a Special section, where you will be able to download Twitter icons and Desktop/Smartphone wallpapers as well as a Goods page where the merchandise will be listed and explained in details.

There will be a Blog there too, reporting news from behind the scenes of the development. A new section will be introduced as well and it’s called Introduction. Here you will be able to read the premises for the paranormal mystery that’s going to be explain in the second chapter of the game. This way, after playing the demo you will have access to a preview of what to expect next.

Demo support campaign: September illustrations.

The inked portraits for the demo support campaign that was held in September were shipped and reached their destination safely! 🚡💨  

The campaign continues in October too! 

You can order a portrait of one of the main characters of Pitch Black Serenade that will be shipped directly to your house and have your name featured in the ending credits of the demo.

More details here.

All the money collected this way will fund the programming fees and the yearly fees to run this website. 

From ‘Senran Kagura’ PBS 😆

The beta testing for Pitch Black Serenade will continue with the purpose to deliver a bug-free and enjoyable game! The demo releases on Saturday 20th, stay tuned for all the details on the official Twitter !

Thank you for reading, see ya next week! 🙌💜