A day in Kairi’s life.

Venice 2018.08.19, written by Kuna.

As you can see from the index above, this week’s contents will be similar to the ones of the last week. To begin with, screenshots again! And then a recap of progresses in coding, and a new preview for the merchandise! I hope you’ll enjoy it! 😋

Early screenshots: a day in Kairi’s life.

Last week I published screenshots from the first two scenes in the game. This time I’m going to cover the following four ones, depicting how Kairi is spending his days from morning to bed time.

It may sound like a pleasant, nice dive into the story; a slow-paced one, even. Unfortunately, I picked up the most eventful of Kairi’s days, meaning that every scene contains a big amount of happenings and information.

Eizono Private High School.

Kairi’s day starts in high school. He absently walks down the corridors to reach his classroom, not knowing that a dangerous weirdo is waiting for him there, with a bizarre reason.

With his immense strenght, the weirdo presses Kairi to corner and wants to punish him for stealing his woman with a series of… physical amputations!

It’s the first time Kairi sees this man and from his smell and the way he drags his words, Kairi assumes the man must be drunk and his mind blurred. But Kairi has no clue how to escape his grip and every other student in the hallway is so terrified that no one dares to oppose the man.

At this point, it’s up to the player to find a way to save Kairi’s skin, using the choices provided by the game. This part is not that difficult to figure out, as it’s only the beginning of the story and I didn’t want the game to feel frustrating. But it’s still possible to fail and to run into a very bad game over

If the player manages to save Kairi, they can meet the two Student Council Presidents, Teru and Fujisa, and have a chat with them while learning a bit about their personalities and passions.

Educational Hill.

A school day is over. The sun is setting and Kairi is going back home, when he meets Teru again. The two are going the same direction so they start chatting along the way. In other words, another fitting moments to find out more about the characters, Kairi included.

I previously talked about this, but at this point the player is already inside Fujisa’s route. This means that all the situations and information here disclosed are related to that part of the story. The role of the player in this case will be that of inquiry Teru in order to get more pieces of information to understand what’s going on.

Once again, this is not going to be a difficult task, but it’s necessary to pay attention to Teru’s words to choose the right option from the list.

Teru gets home and Kairi is left with a brief walk ahead before he reaches his house.

Walking home.

It’s time to focus on Kairi’s backstory and the reason that made him move to Kujikawa right at the end of high school. On one hand, it seems he was sort of forced to change school…

…And that a certain car accident had played a big role in this.

At Nakajou’s.

Kairi eventually reaches home and the player can finally meet his parents too.

This scene contains a mini game and the first true investigation/exploration part which I’m going to cover in some of the next posts! For the moment, I hope you enjoyed this quick overview into one of Kairi’s days! This whole part takes about a hour of gameplay.

Coding’s progresses.

I spent the last week mostly coding and the script is now counting over 25k words. The game gained a new interactive section and two sub scenes. To finish the game is necessary to code 5k-7k words more which translate into two scenes – one having an alternative scenario – and the epilogue.

In terms of assets I need to finish one background art and create alternative background artworks for four places. According to my plans, this should be completed within the first week of September, while for the rest of that month I’m going to take care of all the other parts of the game like the GUI, title screen, beta testing, etc.

PBS’s merchandise disclosure.

I had an interesting poll running on @pbserenade‘s Twitter, about the kind of merchandise anime lovers usually prefer.

And acrylic keychains seem to be pretty popular! I personally collected rubber ones for the most part, but I must say that acrylic keychains have very beautiful art.

I have yet to decide which kind of keychain to produce for PBS but I guess that the attempt I’ve been doing lately tend to lean towards the rubber ones’ design. However, here’s a preview of the art I made for a chibi Fujisa collectible.

There’s nothing more to add for this update! Next week will be a partial holiday to rest my mind and soul, I’ll be visiting Gamescon in Köln with my favorite fellow VN developer!

More coding for PBS will be done and I plan to complete one of the background art still missing from the game.

As for the content of next blog post, you can expect an insight on the choice system and on how to shape Kairi’s personality through player’s choices.

Thank you for reading, see ya next week!🙌💜