A hectic start of the year.

Venice 2018.01.14, written by Kuna.

The start of 2018 was hectic for me. Two weeks have passed and have yet to stop for a moment. This past week especially was crazy, like I was constantly in a hurry and this made me physically and mentally tired with the result that even when I accomplished something it wasn’t the best I could do and in most cases I trashed it and did it again from scratch. Not the best way to use time…

I’m also in the process to quit my day job and the burocracy added to the pile 😓 Long story short, I can’t deliver any new screenshot as I promised last week because I barely started some of the assets for the cafeteria scene. I’m going to take more care of me from now on and start again full throttle to work at my best on this project 😎

No screenshots, no significant updates… this time I’m going to talk in detail about PBS story and mood in general (Tips and knowledge from writing manuals included)!

The mood in Serenade.

[nerd mode on] According to author Lisa Cron, the mood of a story is the general atmosphere you feel when reading/watching that makes you think what possibly could happen next without violating that atmosphere. What comes to my mind in this case is Madoka Magica (spoiler ahead): when you start watching it you probably feel relaxed and immersed in a cute atmosphere and you no way expect that a cute girl is going to brutally have her head cut off next episode. That betrays the atmosphere but in this case it’s made on purpose. Usually stories respect the atmosphere: a love story makes you dream, not feel anxious as a thriller movie.

What about Serenade? Since the early gameplay trailer about Kairi visiting professor Isahai, I received two or three feedbacks remarking that the scene goes from funny to serious without too many explanations. I guess that you could also say that it goes from “only funny” to “only serious”. That’s the actual guideline I plan to use for the whole game. The mood of the game won’t be these two status only though.

Some probably have wondered why although PBS is comedy and serious (the plot isn’t zany after all) this blog looks so dark? 😲 Black background and a purple banner depicting a lonely girl watching seriously at you. The title itself is dark, isn’t it? When I chose it I made the unusual juxtaposition on purpose (Back in the years I named my webcomics and doujinshi with names as “Funeral of Hearts” or “Death in lullabies”, I guess that’s a habit lol) and it was to enhance the contrast between something soothing like a calm melody and the hopeless atmosphere of the darkest color. This summarize Serenade the best. (*This refers to the old website [ed.]).

To be honest I like the extremities: Deep love or deep despair make you feel alive. It’s good to have balance in your life and, personally I flee craziness irl all the time lol, but in a story… in a story it’s great to feel something extreme, doesn’t it? 😌 Therefore, making sure not to force anything, I plan to write about extreme feelings. Expect a tranquil, funny mood and also a good dose of despair, or better, hard, simple facts of life.

…All seasoned with tons of comedy. I grew up with shoujo manga (the funny ones) and my family too was a humorous one. As most people, growing up I realized it’s no use to try to be someone else : D so it’s better to write who I am. I love humorous manga and my greatest memories about drawing webcomics was when people found them amusing (or surprising ; )), so I’ll go this route and invest in this quirk of mine with the intention to make it a good ingredient for PBS.

My menu for spring.

Well, this is about the cafeteria scene. (No, I’m not gone crazy and changed the topic of this blog only because I haven’t updates 😁). Although still to polish, I managed to work on one of the assets: A cafeteria tray with a “full bloom” menu for spring season.

・*:.。..。.:*・゜Today’s lunch ・*:.。..。.:*・

🍤 Fried prawns + salmon omelette roll
🌿 Ham roses salad (took inspiration from IG user: suzuka730)
🍣 Salmon tartar and spinach “gunkan” omelette roll
🍵 Eggplants and onions miso soup
🍡 Dango

A visual novel is “visual”, therefore I want to enjoy this aspect and paint as many visual cues I can whenever it fits a scene. Especially food, which I plan to have several CGs about!

See you next week!👋