A walk with Teru.

Venice 2018.04.29, written by Kuna.

I’m in the middle of a quite long script revision. Parts to revise are not very extended, however… some of them are tricky to fix. Script is everything but “conspicuous” to show, as progresses are just words and most of the time they make no much sense outside of their native context. Anyway, I guess I’m going to blab about this topic a bit nevertheless, and stay close to the latest achievements PBS demo has reached. Wish you an entertaining stay on PBS blog this week as well! 😁

A walk with Teru.

The 4th scene that has been planned for the demo is aimed to explain Kairi’s personality. (You can check the various “theme sections” of the demo in this post.)

Mock screen from an old prototype for the scene.

Aim of the scene is to explain to the players why Kairi, Fujisa and Teru chose the same class at university. Each of them has a different reason related to their characterization and their evolution in the Fujisa’s route. Easier said than done, I obviously need to provide such information in a natural way, communicating Kairi and Teru’s personalities at the same time, since this is also the first long interaction the two have.

Communicating both information and characters’ personalities is something I’ve already done in the cafeteria scene. Hopefully I made that work correctly, I just need to repeat the formula here.

Another difficulty of the 4th scene is to insert one of the special choices of Kairi. I’m not sure I’ll manage to do it for the demo release. In case I don’t, you’re going to read a quite long interaction without any choice, and experience a sort of interruption in the timing of such choices. I’d like to avoid it but at the same time, inserting any meaningless choice would feel worse than having a pause from them in my opinion. So, yeah. If I make in time for the demo release I’ll insert the “right one” and that only.

New illustration preview.

We already entered Golden Week, uh? So why not portraying PBS’s main two “kids”, Shin and Kairi, on Children’s Day? 😋

The illustration is still in a draft stage and my plan is to be able to show the final result on next week blog post.

Thank you for reading, see ya!🙌💜