【Art book】Kujikawa Days Art Book’s early samples

2019.11.24 North Rhine-Westphalia, written by Kuna.

W-Wow! …Is November already over?! ∑( ゚ェ゚*)🍂 Time has flown by so fast this month, too…

December is when the art book for Kujikawa Days is going to be released, and I’ll announce a date very soon! ( ・ω・*)ノ🌟 So, yeah, we’re almost there!

Art book’s cover preview

During the past week, I’ve been working on the cover art and I’ve finally completed it. 👇

The artwork features the main characters Kairi, Fujisa and Teru on their graduation day at Eizono High. It’s spring themed and might look out of season for December… but since Kairi’s graduation day is an off screen event in the game, I’ve always wanted to paint that moment in an extra illustration.

👆This is the very first sketch I did in July 2017. I’ve drawn this just for fun and, back then, I wasn’t even thinking about inking and coloring it. But when the idea for an art book arose, that was the first artwork that I thought of while planning a cover.

I’ve changed the perspective, though. I liked the idea of the original artwork, but for the cover I wanted to draw something that would stand out more, and this is why I went for a different version.

Of course I also did this change to make the art book itself more appealing, but, generally, since artworks take time I always try to draw something I haven’t tried before and test my limits.

Page samples

I will list all the sections contained in the book in one of the next posts. For this update, I wanted to post a couple of pages of the Character section, the first you encounter.

The section contains all sprite variations and outfits for each of the eleven characters of the demo, plus their bio and a comment on the design. You’ll also find early sketches and unused designs for them.

97Circle logo has changed

Or better, it now has a descriptive quote: “fairytales for brave girls”.

Having a quote for my circle is something I’ve been wanting to accomplish since a long time. I’ve written a list of possible ones, containing adjectives or words that would describe the kind of works I aim to deliver with PBS and my future projects. In the end, I’ve chosen this little sentence that includes “fairy tales” and “bravery” at the same time. So, yeah, 97Circle is committed to write dreamlike stories that need courage to swallow! (o・ω´・*)b …Or something like that! ( ^ω^*;)ゞ I hope you’ll enjoy your playtime with 97Circle from now on as well!

That’s all

Thank you for reading! ➰💖 See you next! ( ´ゝ∀・`*)ノシ

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