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Venice 2017.08.06, written by Kuna.

Another quick update to summarize what happened in the past week. A lot in percentages, but few in variety. : > Therefore, I guess it won’t take much to write it.

  • First of all, I had the second test of the 40 minutes prologue of the game with my partner. This time it included the special choice options I talked about a few posts ago, and it went quite well! Apparently, this kind of game mechanics could turn out to be engaging, so I gained tons of confidence after our test! : D I will talk about this feature in details in some next posts.
  • I started working on the second half of the short demo that deals with the early happenings after the three-year time skip of the story. It’s quite exciting to be finally able to work on this part. Note that I worked on the prologue alone for two times, for an early prototype and for the present game, and said period started in April 2016! Even though I’m excited about the change of routine, the early part of story after the time skip is as challenging as the prologue, so I’m working hard on that too to put all the pieces together and make it works. This part sees the appearance of a new character I’m quite attached to, and, guess what, he’s another “comedy-maker” :D. I’ll introduce him in next post, so that I can come up with some decent sketches in the meanwhile : >

For this second part of the short demo, my priority in game assets radically changed. Even if I had previously built a prototype back in early 2016, with time, I grew the final idea of game play and general appearance I wanted for Serenade. Therefore, since October 2016 I started working on the new and present version. Since I wanted to see how the game would flow as soon as possible, I hurried in coding the assets and the script, even if not definitive, for the tests of early July and early August of 2017. Now that I had a grasp of the game, I can slow it down a bit for what concerns the coding, and focus on preparing and polishing the different assets, first of which is probably the script. 

Nothing left to add, today’s post ends here. See you : >