Backgrounds for Kujikawa City.

Venice 2017.02.28, written by Kuna.

I often talk about “scene one” or “scene two” but I realized I never openly explained what effectively one of these “scenes” is, or how many scenes it does take to complete the demo for Serenade. I like to call “scene” every small episode that makes the story of Serenade progress. It can be a dialogue or a series of events that starts at a point and has a conclusion. All the scenes I wrote till now present a “problem” or “question” concerning something going on, and before a scene is concluded a “solution” is provided. 

Till now I coded three scenes (apart from the music and some sounds), from 0 (the prologue) till scene 2. To make up the demo it will take eight scenes but I will need to make new assets only for four and a half. From scene 5 to 8 I will only write and code, so it’s possible that these scenes will be completed in half the time. This 8-scene-demo (about 15k words) is the very first sample of Serenade I’m aiming to release!

I wanted to make this point clear, but now we can go back to the original topic of this post :D. The first location of the game is the fictional city of Kujikawa. It ideally is situated around Gifu prefecture in Japan, but I prefer to remain vague about its precise whereabouts. It’s a very important location for the story itself and its mountain vibe is intended to make a good contrast with the second location of the game: Tokyo. I spent several attempts in depicting this city and I had quite a hard time when looking for the right photographs of the real Gifu area to take as a reference. In the end I kind of collected whatever photograph was good for the mood I wanted to recreate. 

Kujikawa has a modern city center, which is where the Choumugai district is. Apart from that, it’s really all mountains and woods. And also some bridges, since the Kujikawa River crosses the whole valley.

I tried to draw Kujikawa backgrounds from scratch last year, but I truly prefer to use photographs as reference and to trace them whenever I have permission (or when I take them myself). The scene above is not far from Kairi’s home and on the right side you can see Kairi’s high school building.

Second shot is the view of a bridge into the woods 😀 This reminded me of Austria which I visited many times during childhood. I thought that recreating what I saw there would match the mountain mood quite fine!

Backgrounds are currently being colored. Before leaving, I wanted to upload one of those attempts I did for Kujikawa backgrounds that I ended up scrapping D: See you next update!