Chronicles of a difficult 3D render.

Venice 2018.02.18, written by Kuna.

Where were we? Oh, right. Gotta complete the Club background art topic!😉(Another short post as art takes time.) 

Chronicles of a difficult 3D rendering.

Aka, Kerkythea won’t comply about simultaneously rendering the emitting light of twelve light bulbs no matter what…!💦 But let’s proceed in order.

Since I’ve done the same with the Cafeteria background, I’ll post a short video of the 3D model.

I actually got caught up in the process of modelling and ended up adding a bunch of items that won’t even show up in the scene (as the sofas)… However, even after removing unnecessary items I couldn’t render the lights, as the problem was probably the complexity of lights and shadows to create. I’m not expert so I’m just guessing 😌.

In the end, my meticulous rainbow fluorescent setup was useless and I had to paint the lights over a plain render myself. (I managed to get one with the proper illumination and proceeded with brushes.)

This means that the incriminating CG background art is kind of completed! I guess that the angle is also good for a regular background to use with sprites and to let the player visit this club outside of the CG. 

Thank you for reading, see ya!🙌💜