Cover art speed paint video.

Venice 2018.10.07, written by Kuna.

Only two weeks until the demo release! 🌟

There’s still quite a lot to prepare but the software is now complete and ready to undergo the beta testing.

During the next days the page, the download page on this website and the lemma soft post will be prepared in order for everything to work fine on the release day.

Before going through the technical details though, I’d like to report the progresses done on the cover art.

Such picture is going to be the official art for the game and it’s depicting Kairi and Suzume, one of the romanceable heroines. There’s no trace of her in the soon-to-be released demo though, since this part of the game is focused on Fujisa’s route. For this reason, my plan is to have a different cover for the demo very soon. 

I plan to post the complete picture some day closer to the release date, and for the moment I prepared the speed paint video. I hope you’ll enjoy it! 🌟

PBS cover art speed paint video.

Demo Support Campaign is open for October.

The inked portraits for the demo support campaign of September are ready and about to be shipped! 🌟

But the campaign continues in October too! 

You can order a portrait of one of the main characters of Pitch Black Serenade that will be shipped directly to your house and have your name featured in the ending credits of the demo.

More details here.

If you’d like to have your logo or website displayed before the title screen or in the ending credits you can pledge for it as well.

All the money collected this way will fund the programming fees and the yearly fees to run this website. 

It’s all for this week’s report! Please have a great time!😉

Thank you for reading, see ya next week! 🙌💜