Cry’s sprite and profile.

Venice 2016.12.06, written by Kuna.

One hell of a tough week has finally passed orz.

Right now I’m trying on composing the “screen” of Serenade. Placing sprites and things like this, to get a general mood of the game. And as you may know things that are still in the process, and are not clearly defined yet, produce a bit of uneasiness. Working with that makes a whole week kind of tough lol.

By the way, this past week I managed to complete two sprites. One is Kairi. Now he has all his twenty and over emotions and two outfits done. Since he’s the MC, the fact that he’s ready to be displayed on screen is a huge step ahead. The other sprite is for a secondary character, Cry. I just added his profile card in the Characters page (for Kujikawa Arc), so you can get a glimpse of him. 

What to say about Cry… Maybe this is not his definitive design as I may keep modifying it a bit more. More than a perfectionist attitude, I think this is just an attempt to make his weird design fit at his best into the graphic lol. I’d like his sprite to look different from the others. I plan it to appear only in one place (remember the night alley background from last month?), only at night and only alone, so I’m thinking about zooming in on him a bit more than other characters. Also he has a bluish contour to make him part of the night sight.

Again, he only has five emotions at the moment. I don’t plan to have much more in the end, to keep him more mysterious.