What to tell.

Venice 2016.09.24, written by Kuna.

Hello everyone! So this is the dev journal for the visual novel I’m working on, called “Pitch Black Serenade”.

I’m not that good at sharing thoughts through a blog but I’ll try to tell how the “production” is going from week to week. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about what to write here and what not. 

“Serenade” is still at its very early stage so there’s nothing I can let you play or see apart from some mock screenshots and characters’ profiles. Whenever I explain through words what the game will be about or what the gameplay will be like, I kind of feel presumptuous… 

Since I can’t show it to you yet, but only tell. If you think about it, you can tell whatever you want through words, the hard it’s to demonstrate. I definitely work better through showing things!

So, after thinking for a while I came up with the “genre” of things I want to write in this journal. I won’t be talking about game mechanism or game idea until I’ll be able to insert them physically in the game. Instead, I will post actual progresses of the work I’m carrying on. Since the beginning I wanted to start a blog in order upload work in progress pictures of the art anyway, so I think I’ll stick to the original program for the most part.

I’m not English native speaker and neither my English is good. So I hope this blog won’t be so terrible to read…

As for the rest of the website, a big thank you goes to Gospel who kindly helped me proofreading my pages! (Please check it out GosatsuVN’s amazing mystery visual novel, Shinrai!).

See ya next time!