Halloween – and main heroines.

Tokyo 2016.10.28, written by Kuna.

It’s almost Halloween, uh? (˼●̙̂ ̟ ̟̎ ̟ ̘●̂˻)

Lately I’ve been studying digital illustration technique a bit more and ended up painting two seasonal pictures featuring two of the girls from “Serenade”. You can check them in the Gallery page from the menu above or at the bottom of this post! 

So, I was thinking about using those pictures to introduce the main female characters, aka the three romanceable girls in the game.

In the System page you can read that “Serenade” is a female audience oriented game. Despite this the main character is a boy and romanceable characters are girls. Why is that?

Actually it’s just kind of an experiment. Even if the main character is a boy, he will spend most of the playing time with fellow guy friends, in order to make the story more enjoyable for a female audience. So I’ll try to mock otome game atmosphere but there won’t be any date with male characters.

About the date part, I’m still not sure about the result, but I aim to make it enjoyable for girls to play. So, from now on, I’d like to introduce the female main characters that MC will be able to date.

Fujisa Komine, 21 y.o.

A young girl born and raised in Kujikawa (one of the two cities where the game is set). She’s the only daughter of a prestigious attorney and her refined manners and good character end up charming everyone. She wants to get out from her small town since ever, so maybe this is the reason why she got fascinated by MC (who’s from Tokyo) since they met. She’s forced to follow her father’s steps but she secretly dreams something else for her future. If MC gets interested in her, he could get the chance to know more about her dreams and maybe help her pursuing them.

Minami, 15 y.o.

Minami is a lot younger than MC but for some mysterious reasons she’s able to catch up with adults and stick with them. Her personality is a bit twisted, most of the time she says and does whatever comes up to her mind, often leading to some disaster…! So at first MC can get quite scared about spending time with her. Anyway there could come a time in which MC and her ambitions collide so it’s possible to team up with her to solve the game.

Suzume Aihara, 18 y.o.

Suzume belongs to MC’s past so he won’t get to know her directly in the game, instead he will remember details over details about her to the point she will take shape in his mind. Suzume had talent for singing and music and she loved to dress gothic lolita style. Despite her dark look she was a really cheerful student, taking the lead of his class back in high school as student representative. 

These three girls are actually not only three romance choices, but the three keys to solve the game. When the main conflict will be presented, MC will be tempted to one of these three approaches.

And that’s all for girls presentations. Next week (31-6) I’ll be working on outside background art again (still trying to come up with a working method to paint outdoor sceneries…), and I’ll outline MC sprite for all face expressions throughout the game.

Have a happy Halloween, I hope you enjoy the art I made for this occasion! (▼ω▼)