Demo release date announced!

Venice 2018.09.23, written by Kuna.

It’s finally here! The post with the release date for the demo! 🌟

I’ve prepared a some screenshots and a video to show what it’s going to look like in details. I hope you enjoy this post! 

Updated GUI screenshots.

All the pictures from Pitch Black Serenade I’ve shown you so far had the downside of an incomplete GUI. As a solo developer, I can’t work on more things simultaneously and while I was taking care of the art and the writing, the GUI had been set aside.

Probably it’s common sense to start designing a game from the GUI. But I specialize in art and story so… I did the opposite and had the story and art inspire me for the GUI.

Screen for the main menu.

The screens that have been coded anew are the main menu screen, the save/load screen, the log screen, the configuration screen along with the titles and the ending credits.

The save menu. For each slot, the in-game date and place are recorded, as well as the day and time you actually saved your game.
The configuration screen lets you toggle the options you prefer.
The log screen.

It’s possible to call the menu anytime but there’s no “quick menu” displayed at the moment. (I’m going to implement it only if its absence is going to bother players).

The in-game menu.

PBS demo release.

Time for the big announcement! πŸŽ‰

And before that, a short introduction. I think that releasing a demo for a new game may be a big event for a developer or a studio. Still it’s very different from releasing a full game where the story is complete and the gameplay fully implemented.

However! If we think of games that are released through episodes, the release of each of them is in a sense a big milestone.

I’ve never mentioned that PBS will be released through episodes because I’m hoping that time and costs will be forgiving enough to make me produce a full game. Anyway, thinking of the demo I’m going to release, not only it’s three hours long, but it also covers the first chapter of the story.

Moreover, after this demo and before moving to the full game, I’m going to develop the second episode. In a sense, at the moment PBS is a game released through episodes.

So I guess that this first release, the release of the first chapter of PBS, is a very important one! πŸ’Ž

Enough with talking then! These are the features you can expect from the demo:

  • 3 hours gameplay.
  • 2 secret game overs.
  • A mini game.
  • 5 CGs.
  • Maps to explore (point and click).
  • Original story and art.

Release date: 20th October 2018.

Price: Free.

Downloads: and this website.

Demo support campaign.

I’ve been running a special support campaign for the past two weeks. All the money collected will pay this website’s fees, the programming fees and eventually the BGM fees as well.


By requesting an inked portrait of a PBS character of your choice, you can contribute to the production of the demo and have a place in the ending credits! β‡“⇓

For more info and how to request a portrait, check this post! Each portrait is unique as it displays a serial number! (max total order: 20)

If you’d like your logo or web address to be displayed instead, you can purchase a sponsorship! (max total order: 5) You can decide whether to have a place before the title screen, or during the ending credits. 

Thank you for reading, see ya next week! πŸ™ŒπŸ’œ