【Development】New character: Luka

2020.03.08 North Rhine-Westphalia, written by Kuna

It’s time to introduce a new character! 🌟 It’s a boy, he’s human and is part of the cast that Kairi is going to meet as soon as he reaches Tokyo in the second episode.

I had real fun drawing him and I hope you’re going to enjoy this new character as well! ( ・∀・*)ノ

Luka Nijiouji, the Crane Game Demon

Luka Nijiouji is into street fashion, hair fashion, virtual idols, and enjoys social events.

He’s mainly known as the “Crane Game Demon” as, after graduating from high school, he started a blog about tutorials on how to get prizes and goods in game centers. His posts featured selfies and, for this reason, people started to recognize him irl. On top of that, he would carry tons of plushies with him all the time, and this also contributed to his popularity.

As his career as a crane game player begun by accident, at one point his true interests transpired. He enjoyed fashion and colorful accessories, as well as hair fashion, and he started to write about those topics too. After almost three years from his blogger debut, he is now considered a fashion icon in Harajuku.

His shirt says “Ikebukuro”…?

You might not remember it, but Shin has “Shibuya” (spelled “Sibuya”) embroidered on the back of his shirt. Luka has “Ikebukuro”. This is still a “work-in-progress” thingy but, basically, the city written on the back of characters in PBS refers to the city where they are popular.

It might have to do with the Spirited Away case too, but, as I said, it’s still a work-in-progress thing and it’s a bit early to reveal where this will lead to because I’m currently in the brainstorming phase and, after that, I will need to test my ideas.

In any case, why Luka has “Ikebukuro” instead of “Harajuku” written on his back?

I might overwrite “Ikebukuro” with “Harajuku” in a future revision of his character reference sheet, however, for the moment, it will stay “Ikebukuro” because that’s where he first became successful with crane games.

There are going to be other characters with this labels…

Personal details

Luka (流叶) Nijiouji (虹王子)

Age: 22 DOB: June 9 (Gemini)

Blood: A Height: 170 cm 

Hobby: fashion, technology

Favorite food: melonpan

Disliked food: curry

Specialty: drums

Recurring line: “Awright!”

Find more on Patreon!

During the past week, subscribers to PBS’s Patreon have had access to Luka’s colored draft, as well as the hair color tests I made for him during the design process, and the original sketches dated 2016. Pretty soon I’m going to post further headshots (and hair variations) too, so if you’re interested please consider checking it out!

Thank you for reading

That’s all for this update! Please look forward for further info about the cast of PBS!

Thank you so much for reading! See you soon! ヾ( o´ェ`o*)ノ

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