【Development】New character: Sena

North Rhine-Westphalia 2020.01.19, written by Kuna

The art book Kujikawa Days Memorial Book is finally out!🎉🌸 I’ve been working on it for over a year, I can’t believe that it is complete! ( o´ノωノ`o*) The Goods page is now operative as well! It will serve as a reference for all the merchandise related to Pitch Black Serenade. ( ´ω`*) σ 口

Extended demo and full game

Originally, my plans was to include the entirety of the second chapter – aka Tokyo Days – in the next release. Lately I’ve been rethinking about this decision for two main reasons:

  • It will take years, as I will need assets for basically the whole game. Not impossible, considering that I plan to commission part of them when possible, but the deadline will inevitably move a lot far ahead.
  • The second chapter contains the explanation of the paranormal mystery, including foreshadowing to solve it. There’s a lot more to it than just foreshadowing, however, I would like to avoid a scenario where there’s a lot of time between said explanation (=demo) and the development of the story (=full game). Some players might anticipate what’s going to happen (maaaaaybe. It’s not that easy but…) and, for some reason, I’m not really enthusiast about it. On the contrary, if the extended demo only contains a couple of slice-of-life scenes about Kairi meeting his old Tokyo friends could work a little bit better in my opinion.

I’m not 100% sure about this decision, however, from now on, when I refer to the “extended demo” it will be about the first two scenes of the Tokyo Arc and the characters, bgs and CGs included in them. In all the other cases, I will be referring to Tokyo Days (the entire chapter 2), or the full game.

This doesn’t change original plans. Chapter 2/Tokyo Days wasn’t scheduled as a free release since the start, being it too expensive and time-consuming. In any case, the extended demo will introduce a good bunch of new, important characters for the story.

The extended demo doesn’t have full priority, though. I will try to complete it as soon as possible, but I will work on the second chapter as a whole. If I don’t do it this way, there’s the possibility that said chapter might end up being messy ( ;´ ω ` ‘;; *)

New character: Sena

Sena is one character that appears in the Tokyo Arc and in the full game. For the rest of January and in February I will tackle his character sheet and the one of another character that also appears in the full game. In March and April I will introduce the last two characters for the extended demo: Kou and Luka.

In the Relationship Map published back in 2018, Sena is listed in the section of the “Half Demons” and his full name is Sena “Anastasio” Yuzuriha 杠 汐那・アナスタジオ. He certainly is a over-the-top character, but I’m not entirely sure about his surname “Yuzuriha”, yet (yep, I’m sure about the “Anastasio” part, ahah : p).

While I decide his definitive name, I have some early concept art to show you 🌟

The whole group of “half demons” is dressed with military uniforms and they also have weapons. I can’t explain what a half demon in PBS universe is yet, but I will certainly do it soon or later. I hope you will be willing to stick up with these updates until then ( o´ェ`o*)ゞ

As his design shows, Sena has an elegant figure and he’s also a bit feminine. His manners are very refined. He’s smiling most of the time, as the carefree person he is. I hope you look forward to see more of him! ( o´ェ`o*)ノ

That’s all

I’ve said everything I wanted! Thank you so much for reading!

If you please, leave me a comment with your opinions. We’ll meet in the next update! (๑ ◕ㅂ< *)ノ゙

3 thoughts on “【Development】New character: Sena”

  1. Judging from the early concept art and little description alone, I can already tell that there’s a 99% chance that Sena will rise up in my favorite character rank quickly! I definitely look forward to seeing more of him ❤
    By the way, I think I like the lower right one best – frilly cravats & longer uniform jackets always seem extra elegant to me. Plus, that color contrasts rather nicely with his hair! But if you're going for a more flashy aesthetic, the pink/magenta is probably better. Speaking of flashy, that's a very fancy full name ww

    Also, about the extended demo… that's definitely not an easy decision, but I think that meeting Kairi's old friends is already very exciting, even if it's going to be more slice-of-life style. Of course I'd appreciate a few more hints regarding the big mystery because I'm curious about that as well, but personally, I'd be fine if you'd wait with most explanations until the full game is out. Your characters have strong and colorful personalities, so I'm sure it will be interesting either way!

    1. While designing Sena I couldn’t help but thinking about your characters, Natsu : D I hope to make a good job with him because I’m not used to his kind of characters, but I like it! I’ll probably going with the last design, I think it could work better too, colorwise.
      Thank you so much! ^ ^ I’m tight with time as always but we’ll see how the demo will be managed in the end!

      1. Ahh, that makes me super happy to hear!! (●´艸`)
        Sena is definitely getting the Natsu Seal of Approval! ❤

        Best of luck! I'm sure you'll find a good solution! ( ´ ▽ ` )b

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