【Development】Second love interest, Shin's sprite

2020.02.23 North Rhine-Westphalia, written by Kuna

Hi guys! ヾ( o´ェ`o*)ノ

These past two weeks I’ve managed to accomplish a good amount of visual assets for the game:

■ Minami (love interest)’s definitive concept art
■ Two poses for Shin’s sprite
■ General “style” of the demon characters

Minami’s concept art

Putting all the inputs and ideas I had for Minami together wasn’t easy, but it finally happened!

Minami (みなみ) is one of the three love interests of PBS. In one very old post, I’ve revealed that the game begins in Fujisa’s route. Once Kairi gets in Tokyo, he will meet Minami and will have to possibility to switch route.

Patrons got the chance to look at the full concept art for Minami during the past week. While, for the time being, I will continue reserving this privilege to them, I’m going to post a little glimpse of it here as well, revealing at least her hairstyle and hair accessories.

She wears a spikey headband and pink, horn-like accessories, as well as blond hair extensions. I still have to define the design of her choker and earrings. The full body concept art reveals that she has a sort of punk street style.

Shin’s sprite

I now have 5+3 arm variations for Shin, spread on two body poses.

His sprite also presents three layers of clothes, so that I can vary his outfit to match some scenes’ mood. I previously arranged this only for Isahai’s sprite. It’s actually one time-consuming practice, and, for this reason, I only do it when necessary.

As I mentioned, I also came up with some design idea regarding the demons. More specifically, I want to mark demons, half-demons and demoniac beings with some sort of aura to have them easily distinguishable from human characters (and, at the same time, make them look “magical”).

I had this “problem” in the back of my mind since I’ve designed Sena. Although his general design satisfied me, he wasn’t really saying “half-demon” anywhere. And then, one evening, right before falling asleep I came up with a solution : ). I plan to share more on this topic later on.

Discord icons

Thank you so much for reading this post! Unfortunately I lack the time to update exactly every week, but I prefer to “save the energy” for when I have a decent amount of progress to share.

Also, PBS‘s Discord Channel has finally custom icons for his users! Use Kairi’s eloquent expressions, Isahai’s nosebleed, juicy foods and more, to express your feelings!

See you soon! ( ´ω`*)

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