【Development】Subaru Umeda Character Reference Sheet【B/W Full】

2019.12.08 North Rhine-Westphalia, written by Kuna

The character sheet for Subaru Umeda is now complete! 🌟 I will use it as a reference for his sprites and CG art. Please, have a look!

[From 97Circle Patreon:]

Subaru is a university student, on his final year in Liberal Arts, and play in Shin’s band as well.

When studying, he usually wears glasses (sometimes, if he needs to read scores, he wears them on stage as well). When wearing his hat, he first combs his bangs backwards.

Personal info.

Subaru (昴) Umeda (梅田)
Age: 22 DOB:  11/22 (Sagittarius)
Blood: O Height: 174 cm 
Hobby: gym
Favorite food: canned sardines
Disliked food: jelly
Specialty: keyboard
Loves: streets at 5 a.m.
Hates: paranormal entities
Quirk: his brain is wired in a way that he always chooses healthy food
Recurring line: “Seriously?”

Christmas Illustration Poll Result

The voting on 97Circle Patreon is now closed! Here’s the result of the poll I’ve opened to decide the subject of the illustration I’ll be drawing to celebrate Christmas and New Year:

The boys have won! ( ´ゝ∀・`*)ノ The theme for the illustration has also been revealed: “Elegant Christmas”. I’m very excited to start working on it starting from next week! Thank you Patrons for voting! ➰💖

That’s all for this update!

Thank you so much for reading! See you next!ヾ( o´ェ`o*)ノ

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