Doc. Isahai’s emotions map: a draft.

Venice 2017.10.29, written by Kuna.

The sprite for Doc. Isahai is almost finished, while the story got significantly enriched thanks to some recent researches I had the chance to do. But let’s cover the Isahai‘s part first. : )

I plan to provide a profile card within next week, but I guess it’d be nice to write some disclosures about him now as well, so let’s go with the emotions map : D

(Some emotions are hidden because I want to reveal them directly in the game).

As previously stated, Haruto Isahai is Kairi’s brain specialist. Before they meet, Isahai had grown tired of his job and, also because he got moved by the birth of her first daughter, he wanted to become a pediatrician. Kairi’s weird case made him enthusiast about neurology again and Isahai ended up developing an awkward attachment towards him.

Initially, I depicted Isahai as a 33-year-old man. 

Thank you for reading and for sticking to Serenade development, see you! : D