Doc. Isahai’s office: background art.

Venice 2017.11.19, written by Kuna.

This I believe to be the last entry for what concerns Isahai’s information. Since next week I’ll move to background art and coding attempts : ) Though, Isahai’s one will be the first scene of the second half of the demo I’ll have ready, so expect to read more about him nevertheless : D

The two poses for the doctor are finally ready! I can’t show you the second one yet, so I only provided a silhouette (Get ready, this will be a post full of mosaics…).

Secondly, I’d like to post about his office in Morinaga Clinic (森良クリニック), where the bottom wall quickly summarize his “main hobbies”: his little daughter and Kairi’s brain (the outlined MRI in the center). I hid one of the photos because I want it to have a bit of an impact, so I thought it was better to show that in the game : D.

Isahai is married and had his daugther (name still to be decided) nine months before his appearance in the story. He’s deeply in love with her and prepared a collage on the wall of his office with her photos. Needless to say, that wall has quite the impact on every patient sitting in there for the first time. Before the kid’s birth, it has probably been a boring white wall with some bulletin boards.

This is a summary of the photos I prepared to decorate it.

Thank you for reading, see you : >