Doc. Isahai’s profile card – Halloween illustration.

Venice 2017.11.05, written by Kuna.

As promised, Doc. Isahai’s profile card is here : )

As already stated, Isahai is meant to be a secondary character, nevertheless I chose a bright pink color for him instead of marking him with the usual grey I use for side characters. I’m not sure if I’ll change my mind about it. Moreover, there’s already a character in the main cast that is marked with pink, so I’m still in the process of deciding. What I’m sure of, is that pink suits Isahai quite well lol.

Time take a glance at his profile card, then.

  • Some curiosity about his name. Haruto has the Japanese kanji for “spring season”, while his surname contains the kanji for “liquor”.
  • He’s 33 and he had his daughter nine month before the beginning of the story. According to astrology, Aries signs are playful and always looking for something exciting, and so he is! He’s the first character with 0 type blood I’ve shown so far.
  • About his physical appearance, he’s two centimeters smaller than Kairi in height. From the picture I drew, you can see he’s not very slender, I’d say quite normal.
  • As you can read by his catch phrase, my aim is to make him contribute to the comedy in the game ^ ^”.
  • Another early trivia: Kairi got some kind of jealous when he learnt Isahai was going to have a kid and when he noticed that Isahai’s attention was slowly driving off him for same reason. Count that Isahai, as the brain nerd he is, kind of fell in love with Kairi’s case, so his change of attitude was quite the shock for Kairi.

And that’s all for the doctor introduction : )

Before leaving, I want to announce that the Download section is now open and you can get the Halloween desktop wallpaper featuring vampire Kairi.