Early game over – Easter illustration.

Venice 2018.04.22, written by Kuna.

New details about PBS coming with this week’s entry! I’m going to talk about some gameplay features of recent development and the general time’s flow of the game. I hope you’ll enjoy this post! 😉

The early game overs.

A recent add to the game. It was an idea that came up during a brainstorming session and I found it fitting for the High School scene. It’s the scene dealing with Kairi being threatened to death so… Since he’s already with “a gun put to his head”, why not adding the risk that that “trigger” could be pulled for real…! 

Game overs in the High School scene will be triggered by certain choices plus a further condition.

I imagined that “making things serious” for the player would turn into further motivation for them to save Kairi. It won’t be easy to trigger the game overs, you’d literally have to work against Kairi. But when you do, you’ll face a reasonable outcome to your actions and this will hopefully bring more engagement and enhance the game experience.

However, even in the case you’d run into a sudden interruption of the story, the game will provide an automatic save point to start again from. Therefore, unexpected game overs won’t be something to worry of.

PBS’s time frame.

I talked about the “time skip” contained in the demo more than once by now. So, after quickly summarize it again, I’d like to give some more information about the time frame the story will unfold within and how the time will be distributed through it.

First of all, the time skip. The game starts in 2009 and you’ll be able to play only one 24 hours session there. Then the story will fast-forward to 2012.

After the time skip, you’ll play from April to December 2012. The story is divided in “events”, so Kairi is going to “virtually live” only the days that make the story progresses. There the player can input their choices and change the story direction. 

Events can be anything: for example you’re going to have the “Golden Week” event which will be three to five days; or a weekend off to the beach, literally two or three days. After experiencing one event you’ll skip to the next one, “muting” the days in between them.

“Spring Festival Suzume”.

A new illustration adds up to PBS gallery! Suzume is the same girl featured in the header of this blog. Despite being everywhere it’s not the time yet to unfold too many details about her though…

For the moment, just consider that she’s going to be a very central and romanceable character for PBS story.  

If I have succeeded in portraying her, you should perceive that Suzume is the joyous type of girl. A bit carefree, she’s got a talent for singing and likes lolita clothing style. Her route won’t be immediate to get to. She’s only dateable through Kairi’s memory and, as you certainly remember, Kairi suffers from amnesia so… one must first regain Kairi’s lost memory to have a chance to meet Suzume. 

A bit of a weird game structure perhaps, but that’s also the first route I planned when I first started working on PBS, so, in a sense, Suzume’s route can be considered the “core” of the game. I honestly can’t wait to reveal more about this part but unfortunately it’s a bit too early for it… 💦

Thank you for reading, see ya!🙌💜