Food CG art.

Venice 2017.06.14, written by Kuna.

Next CG is a bit different from the previous ones. Well, let’s say each of those I’ve drawn so far had a particular scene depicted, so nothing really new ^ ^” 

What I like most about the game I’m developing is that I’m truly drawing and writing what I want to, with no restrictions of “this could be weird”, “that could be misunderstood”. On a side this scares me a bit because I have no reference I can hang to, but on the other side it gives me a lot of satisfaction. And I’m becoming eager and eager to show it to everyone despite the reaction eheh.

Next CG is a display of western and Japanese food. I never imagined it would have been this fun to research, draw and color as it turned out to be! I also witnessed some improvement in my drawing and painting speed so, yeah, I’m in a very good mood because of it. (⌒▽⌒ゞ

Still under coloring…

It’s a scene related to Kairi’s amnesiac condition, but I don’t feel like spoiling anything for the moment. I think it’s going to be a central scene in the demo to understand his conditions. : >