Fujisa’s sprite and clothing.

Venice 2017.01.22, written by Kuna.

During the past week I’ve been working on Teru sprite (as always, you can check his profile as other characters’ in the Kujikawa Characters page), but since it’s still a bit far to be completed I’ll use this post to talk about Fujisa. I skipped writing about her last week, so it’s about time! : D

So far Fujisa got two poses (plus a hand variation) and 20 different expressions. As for her personality, she’s a very genuine and honest girl; for this reason, she shows her emotions clearly, so no fake smiles or introverted postures this time!

I designed a straight pose, aiming to look directly at the player to better “dialogue” with them, and an “embarassed” pose as Fujisa is also a little bit shy. Shyness turned out to be a useful way to show cuteness when drawing girls by the way lol.

Currently she has two different outfits, one being the school uniform, the other being some office wear. Actually, I had quite a hard time when designing the latter…

Fujisa is from a rich family and after graduation she’s going to work at her father’s law firm. It would have been nice to draw her some classic office wear then but I simply didn’t like to have her wearing boring clothes for 90% of the story. I had a blouse I wanted her to wear and I kept it, but in the end I scrapped some pencil skirt to make her wear a wide skirt in striped thick cotton.

Since also Kairi is wearing a peculiar gilet, I thought about calling this clothing as “Kujikawa fashion” lol. I’ll be sure to provide Teru with some matching apparel : )

January is being tough, with many complicated assets to produce but I’m confident to finish at least them within the end of the month.