Game asset map.

Venice 2018.05.16, written by Kuna.

This is the post from last Sunday delivered to you with a slight delay. However, I’ve got some latest progresses to show, so take a sit and hope you enjoy this week’s update! 😁

Asset map.

Now that the script for half of the demo has been handed over for proofreading, my next step will be to complete the graphic and sound assets for it. I’ve done most of them during the last year but I still miss some last minute fixes for the sprites and the backgrounds, and need to take care of the sound effects.

In order to have a comprehensive list of them I’ve prepared a map with Blumind (Japanese text saves space, I guess).

Next goals.

So next goals for the rest of the month will be: to complete the missing assets and to get all of them ready for coding; and, I’d also like to fix this blog’sΒ System pageΒ and properly explain how the game is going to work in detail (for the moment I’ll omit the “investigation mode” which I will take care of later, though).Β 

Thank you for reading, see ya!πŸ™ŒπŸ’œ