Game mechanics – Spring illustrations.

Venice 2018.03.11, written by Kuna.

PBS’s reports are back once again! 🙌 This week’s update include some hints about the game mechanics as well, therefore it’s definitely time to start with the tour! 💨

An early glimpse of the dating game mechanics.

I’d like to begin this topic by recapping some info about the dating part included in Serenade. Here’s a few bullets:

  • The game is mainly aimed for a female audience. For this reason, a plot where Kairi pursues girls purely because of romance purposes was not matching quite well the nature of PBS.
  • Instead of that, Kairi/the player is going to choose one girl over another because she appears to be one of the three possible way to solve the story.
  • Moreover, as you could have noticed in the second gameplay trailerKairi is a rather Machiavellian protagonist and seems to have no rooms for feelings. So hopefully it makes sense 😌

I came up with this solutions mostly because of the nature of the game itself. There’s going to be a sort of “boy harem” in the Tokyo arc to delight female players, but at the same time I didn’t want to create a BL game and make Kairi able to date those boys (if anything, PBS’s original story was a love one between Kairi and a girl!). Therefore, both because I thought that girls could be uninterested in pursuing female characters and because of Kairi’s personality, I reached this compromise and surprisingly it doesn’t necessarily look that bad lol. (And yeah, I guess that the whole development thing took too long because reaching this point required many scrap-and-rewrite phases… 😌)

The topic doesn’t end here. I prepared a small scheme to illustrate how the routes are going to work as well. It’s a very basic one but I hope to give you a general idea of how the game is going to flow.

Please read the scheme right to left.

So, yeah, the game starts in the middle of a route. Or better, it starts a bit earlier than that but it’s Kairi himself that chooses that route before the player can even consider their love options, therefore there isn’t much one can do at first.

As you remember seeing in the second trailer, Kairi is going out with Fujisa meaning that he is already into her route. To “change girl” a player has first to get to the Common Route area that may be triggered once the Tokyo Arc is reached. There, the other two girls will be available to be pursued (not via traditional way though *evil sadic laugh*) and the one you get will start a different route (while if you keep staying with Fujisa you’ll continue her route).

Hopefully it all looks wonderful in theory, let’s pray it’ll work fine in practice too ahah 😌 I won’t miss to update this matter from time to time to give you more insights about it! 

Spring illustrations.

Aaand the illustration series I’ve prepared for spring season is called “Is spring any near?” and features Teru and Fujisa. Hope you’ll enjoy them 😁🌸 

Teru during a break from his daily training.
Snow in Kujikawa is finally melting…
Fujisa is enjoying a new seasonal milkshake
while strolling in the city.

Youtube update.

Finally, I finished editing and correcting the second gameplay trailer which was already published some weeks ago here on the home page but it’s now also on PBS Youtube channel

As for the previous video, special thanks go to Livestraes (beta tester) who helped limiting Kairi’s evil tongue 😇 and NovelistEzhno who provided the proofreading and polished the text to its best! Therefore, for the ones who missed it, here’s the second gameplay trailer! 

Thank you for reading, see ya!🙌💜