Game’s sound.

Venice 2018.06.03, written by Kuna.

June has started and it’s going to be one of the last months of development for the demo. In particular, I plan to begin the script for the investigation part earlier next week and have it completed within the end of the month. Making plans makes me confident about work and gives me a general idea of what my accomplishments are going to be, but of course plans can be kinder than reality is, as progresses can get much slower than expectations. Life’s unpredictability also has a big share in this too.

Sadly I must say that I would have expected to have a much easier time since I left my day job in March. I thought that my days would simply be: waking up in the morning, doing chores, cooking and for the rest dive into game development. Instead I kept having one annoying issue after another and lately “big problems” occurred as well. For this reason I really hope that next months will go smoother and I’ll have much more calm. Just for a few months… šŸ˜‘

However! Let’s leave aside complaints and let’s start a tour of the latest progresses of the game! Hope you enjoy this week’s post! šŸ’œ

Sound effects for PBS.

Last week was mostly centered on the making of “audio assets”. I’m not a fan of sound engineering at all and I don’t enjoy such task very much, but I admit there were instances where preparing the sounds was quite satisfying

One important thing I learnt is that sounds not only convey the audio share for a scene, they are crucial to deliver emotions and sensations as well. This means that sometimes sounds must be chosen not only because they represent the action going on on screen but also to describe the experience the player is going through. 

I mostly used, and to gather royalty free sounds and edit each of them to have proper sound effects for the game. Since my skills are not refined I may need to rely on someone else to further refine some of them in the future but at the moment I’m pretty satisfied with what I accomplished and I’d say that the sounds I came up with, even when not perfect, carry out their purpose quite fine so I’ll go with them for the moment.

A few BGM samples.

Let’s talk a bit about the BGM too. InĀ one post from last yearĀ I already mentioned that I decided to use royalty free tracks for the demo, relying on the collection available onĀ dova-syndrome.

I downloaded quite a lot of tracks from there and this past week I sorted some of them out, trying to identify which scene or purpose they could be suitable for. I ended up building some kind of a OST track list which I can draw from while deciding the BGM for the scenes. Once again, I’d like the BGM to have a bit of a retro feeling and somehow evoking the old-fashioned-low-bit BGM of the games I was addicted to during my childhood. Basically this is the primary parameter I used when deciding this temporary track list which I hope you’ll enjoy! šŸŽ¶

It may seem a bit out of place to post royalty free tracks as examples. Original ones would have been proof of some specific work done perhaps, but I don’t plan to have a composer for the time being and I also wanted to show you what the OST is going to sound like in the demo.

If you please, feel free to have an early sample of it! I gave symbolic names to the tracks to better identify where to use them (original names and authors are in brackets).

Broken Mind (“Aisetsu” by Kenapo)

Demon WorldĀ (“Kanashimi ni Tutumarete” by Alaki Paca)

FriendshipĀ (“Shiro” by Chocomint)

Fujisa’s ThemeĀ (“Hirahirari” by Moppy Sound)

Night at Best Friend’sĀ (“Namida no Joukei” by Taron)

Out of Confrontations Stars Are Born (“Crystal” by HARU)

Ā Teru’s ThemeĀ (“You Are Precious by Sakuma Yuuki)

OblivionĀ (“Real” by Sakuma Yuuki)

Thank you for reading/listening, see ya next week!šŸ™ŒšŸ’œ