GUI updates.

Venice 2018.04.15, written by Kuna.

I’m currently working on the script for all the parts of the demo that don’t involve any investigation. Two of them have already been released as trailers, a few others need to be fixed and proofread. I’ve actually a “sad news” for this entry as I’ve decided to postpone the release of the new gameplay trailer a bit as if I work on that now it will drastically slow down the completion of the demo. In short, this post won’t deal with anything really new in development terms, but I’d like to cover some few progresses I and Livestraes did with the GUI, and have a bit of “nerdy talk” as well.

New attempt at the GUI.

I admit that GUI work is the one I delay the most. I do believe it’s one of the things that matters a lot as it’s the very vehicle the player uses to interact with the game, still I think that, in the specific case of PBS, going with the simplest thing will do a good job anyway as I prefer to focus on the story and characters. I have yet to “go to a retreat” a few days and do the GUI work properly, however, I think it won’t hurt to show some little progresses about that for the meanwhile.

First of all, I’d like to talk about the colors the game will be mostly recognized for. Since Kairi’s main color is green, I’ve been thinking of drawing a forest green and white promotional art/cover for the game since years now, and I’m determined to do it as the release date for the demo draws near. This duo of colors surely has been influenced me since PBS development started and until very recently I thought of using it for the GUI as well. However, after brainstorming about that a bit more, I’ve changed my mind and main colors for the game user interface are now set to be white and violet. Therefore, this is what I’ll keep in mind when I’ll sit and work on that in the near future.

With the help of Livestraes, we finalized the textbox as well and now it appears to be a bit different from the one you saw in the trailers. (If you’d like to, you can also check a few first attempts of textbox from 2016 here).

Textbox when the name of a character is shown.
Textbox for Kairi’s thoughts.

We used to have labels for character’s names (commonly called “namebox”) coming in a different color depending on the character speaking. We changed that and had everyone using a standard white label in the hope to make the GUI looking cleaner. Main characters will still retain a different color for the font of their names. Has it been a good decision? One of the reason we changed the namebox was to make the coding easier to write. As for the aesthetic result, it’s still early to make a final judgment for me too. However, I’ll gladly accept any feedback especially in the case this choice somehow shocked you, eheh.

Two types of players.

Here we are again with the nerdy talking. This time as well I’ll be dealing with some brainstorming I made while, unfortunately, I can’t show it in practice to you yet. However, the topic I’m about to write about is what you may call the “foundation” of the gameplay mechanics I have in mind for PBS.

There is in PBS the possibility to “hurt” other characters and not paying consequences for that as Kairi will be protected by a thick reputation for most part of the story. How will a player behave in such conditions?

You had a small taste of this in the second trailer I prepared. Kairi is basically speaking ill behind his best friend and fiance while the two of them completely trust him. This circumstances will recur with persistence through the story, giving the player the chance through their choices to make Kairi climbing the ladder of success with few to none regards for people around him.

In planning such, I identified two main types of players:

  • The “nice guys” players. Theoretically, they dislike to hurt other characters and want to act righteously towards everyone. Even in the event of Fujisa and Teru not being enough of a reason to act nice, I’ll be sure to provide further characters or situations that will move the sense of justice of such players.
  • The “villain” players. The ones who enjoy seeing themselves as the evil mastermind behind other characters’ pain. Because, why not ; P. 

And surely, it could be a nice outcome to have players interested in play the story in both modes. As a matter of fact, there could be a few “virtual rewards” I plan to have when the player repeatedly does a same action or act in the same way for a long period of time.

As usual, a lot of planning and a lot more to implement! 😌

Thank you for reading, see ya!🙌💜