July’s background art.

Venice 2018.07.29, written by Kuna.

Back from the second-ranking most work-loaded week for this year! While last week I planned to create two new sprites from scratch, this time I aimed to four new background artworks

In the case of background art it’s very difficult for me to cut down the production time, I can’t just shrink the size of the canvas otherwise the art will lose quality. So in the end I stove for full-res art pieces. How did it go? I finished only two and three-fourths of the third one. I’m quite satisfied with the result though and I think they’re going to work greatly in the game!

Prepare for an art tour then! 😁

New background art.

Kairi’s bedroom.

The first background is divided in two halves, as the player will be able to explore the “night area” of Kairi’s room (the part where his bed is), and the “desk area”. Both will have different functions, so it was necessary to have them separated. Moreover, this room is a recurring place in the gameplay too, so it was also mandatory to provide the same background during different times of the day. With this plans, the art required summed up to five art pieces.

Kairi’s room during the morning, at sunset and in a rainy evening.
Kairi’s desk in the morning and at sunset.

All this was handled with a 3D rendering program. The original models date back to 2016, when PBS was still in the early stages of its definitive production. Even after two years I thought that the feeling they conveyed worked pretty well and I wanted to use them, but guess what…?

For some reasons the textures were gone! And the rendering program wouldn’t work with replaced ones… 😞 And there I thought I had half the work already done in advance…!

Luckily it wasn’t that big issue and in the end I could solve it (SketchUp allows you to download each model again from the Warehouse, by clicking on them!), but it took quite a bit before I realized how to.

With Kairi’s room’s backgrounds, I aim to have the player feeling as thought as they were in their own room and possess all the items they can see there. 

Komines’ estate – Indoors.

The second bunch of backgrounds was planned to be made with digital paint, and it’s going to depict Fujisa’s house. I needed to have one indoor and one outdoor and I’ve been working on the former during the past days.

Komine’s estate indoors.

Fujisa’s manor is built in the style of the Japanese tea houses, and the garden that surrounds it is probably the oldest place you can find in Kujikawa. The scene that requires this background is set in spring, so I thought about having cherry trees in full blossom in the distance, and an overall refreshing atmosphere in general, to convey a cheerful moment and a luxurious environment too.

In general, while designing these places, my constant aim is that of make the player enjoy the places as well as they’ll enjoy the story. Even in a 15k-word demo there will be a lot of different environments, on which I entrust the task to create a standalone world. 

Thank you for reading, see ya next week!🙌💜