Last two features of the demo.

North Rhine-Westphalia 2018.09.02, written by Kuna.

Welcome to the last post for what concerns the content of the upcoming demo! The release date is near and I’ll be glad to announce it during the next weeks! πŸ™ŠπŸŒŸ

For this update I’m going to deal with two interactive features you’re going to meet during the first two hours of gameplay.


From time to time the game will ask the player to explore a room or a place in search of information and clues. Other times, this phase will be performed to make the player get acquainted with the environment.

While for the first case a player must first gather the necessary clues to proceed with the story, in the latter scenario it’s possible to end the exploration every moment.

Get acquainted with your/Kairi’s room.
Search for clues and find discrepancies.

Mini game (tentative).

As this part of the code is not properly finished I will label this section as “tentative”. Definitely, I’ll do my best to deliver this gameplay feature in time for the release of the demo.

Introducing mini games: they will be a recurrent feature of PBS as they’re tied to the progressing of the story. At the same time, knowing that many players enjoy just reading visual novels, each mini game will be entirely skippable.

Of course, my suggestion is to play them, as they contain parts of the story and they’re also the vehicle I intend to use to portrait Kairi’s amnesia to the reader.

The first mini game the player will run into is called “Bon appΓ©tit” and it’s a matching game that concerns food. The goal of the game is to make Kairi remember about his favorite food despite his amnesia.

In the demo this game will have no point system, meaning that you can’t fail by playing it. In the full game, getting a high score will let the player obtain a collectible character card.

Whether you skip the game or play it, a new clue about Kairi’s lost memories awaits you at the end! 🌟

September has started and another year is heading towards its end. 

I spent August coding and tweaking the demo and this means that the release is going to happen sometime during autumn. I’m honestly very happy to have had the chance to spend summer like this. Even if tired, a lot of work has been done and not much is left!

The coding is about to be finished in a few hours, then it will be polishing/promotion/testing time. September is going to be tough too but a lot of work will be completed as well.🌈

Thank you for reading, see ya next week! πŸ™ŒπŸ’œ