Madman’s sprite: old and new design.

Venice 2018.05.27, written by Kuna.

A new update with new assets! The High School scene – the one that lacked the most assets – is now almost ready to be delivered in all its parts!

As I had mentioned before in this post, I’ve been working on a few edits on the visual part and replaced some of the original art. In other words, this post is going to be an art showcase one! I wish you a good stay on PBS blog this week too! 😀

The Madman’s sprite.

I finally finished replacing the art for a certain punk who appears during the High School scene. This character was originally depicted as a twentyish-year-old guy wearing a hoodie and a hat and adorned with a few piercings.

Although I found his design rather “anonymous” I liked it and I thought his face was kinda cute, eheh. But, unfortunately, he didn’t completely serve the scene’s purposes and I wanted his interaction with Kairi to be more intense and adrenaline filled! So I rewrote the High School scene almost entirely and had to audition an new character, which sprite is now completed and messing around! 😈

…In a sense, I think that the High School scene will set the general pace for PBS and from that point onward, players will get aware of what to expect from the game. Also, I didn’t want to spoiler this character before the release of the demo, but in the end I think that having a little disclosure for the blog’s affectionates won’t hurt! 😉

Cornered Kairi CG’s preview.

Similarly, I had to fix the CG for the High School scene as well. This is what it looked like.

And below is the updated version.

Even in the CG art things got more intense…!😥

Thank you for reading, see ya!🙌💜