MC’s textbox – Madman’s sprites preview.

Venice 2018.05.20, written by Kuna.

My work on the assets is proceeding nicely, therefore for this update I planned to show you some of the progresses. Hope you enjoy it! πŸ˜€

The textbox is finally assembled.

Until recently the textbox for PBS has been an only png block. Now, every piece of it (the box for the text, the nametag and the sprites for the main character) are separate files, coded together in the script.

Of course, this is more convenient and easier to edit. Previously, whenever I wanted to fix just a part of it, I had necessarily to touch the whole file! With Livestraes‘ help, I’ve finally solved such inconvenience, getting closer to the product I want to deliver.

Kairi’s side sprite has now aΒ rectangular holeΒ in his chest since that’s where the nametag will be placed. The graphic will indeed stay the same!

The Madman’s sprite’s variations preview.

In late March, I’ve introduced the renewed character’s art for the “Madman” (the post is here!).Β I’m going to talk more in detail about this character (and his weapon of choice!) in the future as well, but for the moment I want to drop a preview of what he’s going to be like!

Sadly, spoilers end here πŸ˜‡ but I guess this picture already says something about what you can expect from him in the game. Designing him was fun. Right now I’m completing the shading and finalizing a sort of “weapon animation” for him. The scene he appears in was a lot of work and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for everything to turn out enjoyable for the players!

Mixing sounds.

Lastly, I got to work on some of the sounds for the game, too. I’ve been studying a few tutorials found on the internet, and with the help of Audacity, I tried to normalize and equalize the tracks. My main concern so far was about the different volume sound tracks had or also that they would get covered by music (it kinda happened in the trailers for example). 

Another thing I studied was changing the mood of the sounds and similar stuff. I can’t produce sounds from scratch yet as Livestraes did, but I guess this is one thing I’ll ask her to teach me next time I’ll meet her. 😌

At the moment I think that the sounds for the first scene in game are completed and working fine. They’re going to be widely used in the rest of the game as well, so it’s a big brick placed, I’d say!

Thank you for reading, see ya!πŸ™ŒπŸ’œ