Morinaga Clinic: background art.

Venice 2017.11.26, written by Kuna.

The last background art for Morinaga Clinic is finally completed! After four or five interiors, I can say I became pretty fast in using SketchUp and Kerkythea, since this last piece only took me 4-5 hours total. Compared to my early works, walls are even straighter and there’s more order in the 3D file. Since I’m a solo dev, such progresses are really reassuring, eheh.

This time, said background is a simple corridor:

Since assets like this one doesn’t require much time, I guess I can spoil the game from time to time and provide extra backgrounds for the direction’s sake. Creating extra art is not exactly my policy, but as it happened for this background, which is useful for narrative flow purposes only but not strictly necessary, I can indulge a bit on this aspect. (I’ve planned a tutorial for SketchUp and Kerkythea, since I had some requests, but I think it needs to wait a few months…)

Items for the scene are finished as well. I want to make the game really “visual”, so whenever characters get fancy about something physical – it could be a notebook or a pet, for example – I plan to create small art to show that on screen as well. For this scene, I only needed to prepare simple art, which you will see in the demo.

Before concluding this post, I want to make a small announcement. A trailer for Serenade is currently under production : ). The script is done, I only need some extra art to put it together, but I plan to have it ready way before the release of the demo. Said trailer is quite heavy in meaning for the production of the game, because it will contain… what the game is about! Eheh. After all, one thing I’ve never revealed so far, is the gameplay and the role of the player. Aside from the paranormal mystery to solve, there’s way more to handle before that. Therefore, this trailer is going to unveil this part. I’ll add further info in next entries. Thank you for reading so far, see you next week! : )