Mr. and Mrs. Nakajou’s sprites.

Venice 2017.04.15, written by Kuna.

Lately real life (=job + housewifing) and Serenade development is taking all my time, so I’m not online that often. This week went quite smooth and there is a touching equivalence between planned task and achieved results :’D. As usual, steps are small, and concrete results a bit far away but I’m trying not to lose myself into the fog of “At which point of development am I right now, exactly?”. As someone would say, a wise way to achieve a long term goal without falling in desperation is to focus on daily task and small steps rather than constantly watch the full picture( *• ̀ω•́ )b

Last week I honored you (lol) with a naked gracious lady in her fourties, this time it’s the turn of a gentleman in his underwear : D. 

As I already wrote, I’m working on Kairi’s parents’ sprites, so this picture is depicting Kairi’s dad. I changed his name as well as I did for Kairis’ mom (reasons are in my previous post). Now he’s called Kazuran (和欄). I wanted “Kujikawa characters” to have more poetic names, maybe connected to nature (Kairi’s mom has the name of a fruit, that’s true, but her name is more “modern” and I anticipate here that it’s because she’s originally from Tokyo).

I haven’t finished expression for Kazuran yet, but he’s supposed to be the authoritarian type with cold and silent glares (eek!). I will update his profile card with the new name next week as well.

And what about Kairi’s mom, Anna? I dressed her and completed her sprite.