Mrs. Nakajou’s sprite art.

Venice 2017.04.09, written by Kuna.

The works I carried on during this past week ended up being different from my original plans. I completed scene no.3 (I think I will continue editing it with new info as soon as I write new scenes, being it deeply crucial for following developments) but I ignored writing the tutorial or designing the choice screen. I started working on two new sprites instead.

Kairi’s parents. Since one of the main theme of the story is family, I aim to put a lot of care into these two characters. I started working on his mother.

A standard pose and a pissed off one. 

About her oufit of choice, I sketched a plain one. Colors are pinkish/orangeish to match with the “apricot” Japanese character of her name. (Once in a lifetime I do the “matching thing” too : D)

So, as I just said, there’s an “apricot” meaning in her name. I actually changed it very recently. First she was called “Keiko”, now I chose “Anna”. I also revamped her profile description (profile image is old):

Sometimes I think I kind of rush with name decisions. Usually I find myself in need of a name for someone/somewhere and to fill the blank space I pick the first one that comes to my mind. I wasn’t very satisfied with “Keiko” for this reason, so I changed it. (I think I’m going to change Kairi’s father’s name as well). As her design, it changed a bit. She probably looks a bit younger than before : D. (I also changed her birth date and height, making her a little shorter).

As always, you can check all the characters’ profiles in the profiles page.