Music added.

Venice 2017.07.31, written by Kuna.

A quick update to sum progresses up this week as well.
This was the “polishing week” for what concerns half of the short demo. Obviously there’s still a lot to “build” before even thinking of polishing, but I wanted to have a preview of the “definitive Serenade” nevertheless. I guess I’ll be changing and changing things until its release, but, to be honest, I kind of like its current status, therefore those things I may want to change could be quite few : >.

This past week I took care of the OST as well. Serenade has not a musician yet, therefore I looked for some free BGM tracks and found this website that I’m currently using: I guess that at the moment the tracks for Serenade sort into the “calm”, “energy” and “mystery” categories. I’m going to complete the track list since tomorrow.

During the current week I’ll also take care of the second half of the short demo. To recap things about the short demo, here’s how it works:

  • First part is prologue and it’s set in 2009.
  • Second part is set in 2012.

So, since tomorrow I’ll be working on the script for the events occurred after a three-year time skip, and you can imagine I’m quite excited about it. 😀 Characters and circumstances are going to change a lot between these two dates, also in surprising ways. As always, can’t wait to show you.

For the past week I’ve also worked on two side characters of the Tokyo arc, quite interesting from my point of view. They will provide tons of comedy : DD. It’s too early to reveal them, but maybe during the next weeks I can show something.

Lastly, it’s sketch time : > This time, it’s Kairi and Shin. Shin is a character from the Tokyo arc, but it’s also the second main character of the story. Hope you enjoy~
And since tomorrow it’s a new dev camp, the second for Serenade : D See you next week!