Mysterious CG art.

Venice 2018.02.04, written by Kuna.

It’s Carnival here in Venice. Meaning… double shifts at day job to cope with massive tourism! 😨 However, it’s my last month at workplace. After that I’ll be able to gamedev full time and can’t wait for it! 

Today’s post is going to be shorter than the latest entries. Producing art often slows your pace somehow, hehe.

New CG art.

CGs in PBS are quite particular, aren’t they? At least compared to otome games or games aimed at a female audience in general. I’m talking about widescreen art of a single character shown in a pretty pose for an “epic” introduction and such that PBS currently lacks. (Actually I’m curious if anyone knows some female oriented visual novels with unusual CGs!)

Rather than that, for PBS what I’ve drawn till now are:

  • car accident
  • sickbed
  • food
  • oh yeah, a close-up of Kairi’s face (but he was cornered by an angry punk…)
Tiny, delicate Kairi cornered by a giant angry punk before the time skip πŸ’›

I’d like to provide pretty full-body illustrations of characters as well but at the moment my priority is the story. (I’m not even sure such CGs would fit the game actually…)

However, having Kairi only shown as a little head portrait embedded in the textbox looked a bit summary to me, he’s the main character after all. Therefore I’m glad I’ve finally arrived to a point in the development where I can show him half-body in an expressing pose.

Here’s a work in progress.

The fact that I’m drawing a masked Kairi while there’s Carnival in town is purely a funny coincidence lol.

Okay… maybe not exactly the half-body pose and CG everyone was going to expect…

I won’t comment on this picture yet. It can mean many different things and it’s deeply connected to the story itself so… no spoiler, this way you can enjoy the game : D I’m curious about your guesses ahah. But I really want to save any answer for the demo release.

I usually draw characters and at the same time I build up my background art with SketchUp, but I had to delay this last part because my mouse broke and couldn’t properly use my 3D program. Finding a new one in Venice had been both difficult and expensive (slightly better than ordering it on Amazon with shipping fees though) but I’m hopefully going to complete this lineart within next week!

Japanese name suffixes.

I guess I had to cover this issue soon or later. I’m thinking about it a lot too lately.

When it comes to write in English I’m not very confident because I’m not a native speaker. Therefore I’m not sure how suffixes as “-chan” and “-kun” would sound. That’s probably the reason why, despite being set in Japan, dialogues in PBS lack those.

I’ve been completely against them for a long time for no apparent reason. I just didn’t find the thing convincing enough. However, lately I started thinking about implementing them to create more atmosphere in the game. Because of the anime-like graphic and game’s ideal audience which is supposedly anime and/or OELVN enthusiastic, it may be appropriate after all.

What I need to decide though is: which suffixes?

I personally believe some specific words like “-niichan” or “ojousama” could be confusing for who isn’t so found of the language. On the other hand, I think any reader can grab a meaning from the context if it’s well hinted. I only wonder if it’s going to be bothersome when such word is repeated for too many times…

I’m still studying the matter as you can see πŸ˜… I guess I’ll gather more opinions and check other works to have a better understanding. For the moment, I can tell you I’m likely to implement “-chan”, “-kun”, “-san” and such for the demo release.

(Therefore, we’ll probably need to say goodbye to Isahai’s nickname for Kairi, “Naky”, and wave hello to a more Japanese “Nacchan”. Hope that this choice doesn’t hurt the humor… πŸ’¦)  

Thank you for reading, see ya!πŸ™ŒπŸ’œ