Nakajou luxury mansion’s background art.

Venice 2017.06.08, written by Kuna.

After updating one day earlier last week, this time I’m one day late (-﹏-。). When irl life issues, especially the silly ones, kick in like you can’t ignore them is the most frustrating experience ever in this “job”. I couldn’t end the week as planned. I have quite a bunch of good results, but events made me so tired that today I took a day off from everything and slept 10 hours (I usually sleep 5-6 and feel even better than now). Moreover, my irl job timetable got messed up and I can’t write my schedule for next days yet. Can’t be more tired of the situation…

Anyway, this past week I managed to finish the background art for the Nakajos’ mansion in Kujikawa and painted four art pieces, aiming to use them in scene 4. As probably said in some previous blog post, I plan to completely finish half of the demo before July starts and have “dev camp” with Livestraes, so I’m really trying my best to deliver this last scene before the deadline. As soon as I have my irl job timetable I’ll be able to define next tasks to work on, and next day I’m able to write a post here. So this time I won’t announce the next update officially, just know I’ll write it for sure one day or later  ( u人u).

So, let’s start with the background art display, so you can have a general idea of what it feels like to run around Kairi’s house at evening! : >