New background art and lineart for the Christmas illustration.

Venice 2017.12.17, written by Kuna.

I started working on a new background art, from the university courtyard Kairi and others are going to attend after high school. I planned to have two recurring backgrounds of the university and both are shots of the courtyard. The first one is the cafeteria (I loved the idea of the students eating outside, and it was also appropriate because 80% of the story is set during summer).

I’d like to have background art commissioned soon or later, but hadn’t the proper time to look for an artist yet. The issue is that background art is veeeery time consuming. This time I used a smaller canvas indeed. Being this a shot that doesn’t require a zoom in, it wasn’t a problem.

Finally, I’m working on holydays illustrations. Something “humble and simple” because of an analogue lack of time in this field too, orz. Lately I’m focusing on getting better at art, so I’m starting with something basic. Have a Kairi holding his gift for you then, at the lineart stage. 🙂