New background art: interiors.

Tokyo 2017.05.21, written by Kuna.

I finished the “Hospital CG” from the previous dev journal entry, and started working on the background art for scene 4. Actually they’re many and until the end of May I haven’t much time spared from irl job and priority life issues. Anyway, since June I’ll be able to work more once again. Also, I just set some plans for a “dev camp” in July to meet with a beta tester and work on some specific features of the game : D

Halfway May I realized how wrong my programs for May and June were (yeah, once again I failed at planning orz), so I changed plans a bit. I’ll keep on working on background art for the rest of the month and use June to finish and polish demo from scene 0 to scene 4. This way it’ll be easier to start with second part of the demo in July, since I’ve already have most of the assets. 

Background art this time are about Kairi’s house. His family is rich, so I’m kind of having fun in painting luxurious rooms all around : D I want to use background art to help me conveying the mood of each scene, so I think I won’t hold back in pushing things a bit far and create environments that could also appear a bit exaggerated. I honestly like doing the background art part, (even if I’m not that qualified ^ ^”) maybe most than any other asset, because it feels like creating a world : D Sadly, for 3D renders I can’t rely on high resolution files, so they’re barely okay to make up for a decent background (I cannot zoom in, to say one). But since I need quite a lot of them, I decided to go with the formula: <3D render + a bit of digital paint> for the indoors.

Here’s the entrance hall for Kairi’s house, day and night.

And, currently, I’m “decorating” another room of the house.

For this last, colorful room I can’t say much since the owner and the story behind it will be unveiled through the game itself. Anyway, it’s the room of a teenager with a passion for J-pop and otaku culture : D 

One more upgrade to the game I’m doing, it’s to increase the number of interactive backgrounds (the point and click feature). Since there are some mysteries to unfold throughout the story, some background art like the colorful one above, can be explored to collect information. In all cases, these information are only for the playing experience’s sake, meaning that it will make the playthrough more interactive with the player deciding what’s interesting to check out. In other words, there won’t be any section requiring the player to look for clues and store them. But since I wanted to implement the interactive backgrounds where needed, I thought to create some more of them to avoid the game to be a long list of clues to read. By the way, the colorful room was one of them since the beginning, and in its specific case the player can also skip exploring and get back to the story without checking on everything (well, I hope people would like to check on most things XD).