New gameplay trailer: A peaceful cafeteria scene in spring.

Venice 2018.01.28, written by Kuna.

A new gameplay trailer is ready! πŸ’ƒβœ¨ Let me share it privately here for the moment and comment it with you (it will be officially published as soon as I encode the titles and credits and fix the English. I had pretty long shifts at day job this week too…πŸ’¦) 

Please, watch the revised version here.

As previously announced, said trailer it’s a prequel of the scene starring Isahai. So if you’d like to watch the full sequence start from the cafeteria and then straight to the clinic! 😁 It’s totally a work in progress, so scenes as you see them now may vary in the final version of the game (mostly to correct inconsistencies).

Having said that, let’s start with the commentary about this new trailer. And… Nerd Mode ON πŸ˜Ž

Year 2012.

The scene begins with a black screen informing that is the year 2012, and three years later something. In the actual demo players are going to play a whole hour or so of contents prior this date, indeed. The main aim of such time skip is to rapidly progress with the story and to show changes. I’m not only talking about temporal ones as characters that age and graduate. The main changes are going to be psychological. In the trailer is not easy to spot them all and, actually, my purpose is to keep what was before hidden until the release of the demo in order to make people actually experience the “trauma”. 

So why 2012? To put it frankly, it wouldn’t have been bad to have the story set in the present. 2017 or 2018 look very appealing from a “marketing perspective”. Having characters checking their Instagram accounts and make jokes about it would have made the story more realistic in a sense, not to mention that my target audience are girls and I believe such details could appeal them more. Buuut, I declined the chance.

PBS story was originally conceived in 2012 and I’ve never thought of changing the time which it is set. On the contrary, the more the years passed and technology advanced the more I felt I should stick to the past. I truly aim to entertain a female public with PBS but I also want to deliver a good “universal” content and I don’t know why I believe that would work better “without all the technology”. Despite being not so different from today, whenever I think back of 2012 it sort of feels like another age! Therefore I’d like to keep a little bit of authenticity into PBS’ human relationships.

BGM choices.

As I stated other times before, at the moment BGM in PBS is not custom. Choosing the royalty free tracks is not easy at all, especially because you can’t quite build a playlist whose tracks connect to each other and seem to belong to the same product. That’s probably the main issue. 

As a second problem I would mention my poor ability in figuring out what exactly I’d need as a BGM from scene to scene… So, lately, when listening to the tracks I’ve saved for PBS I kind of noticed that most of them resemble a familiar mood I previoulsy experienced while playing the Final Fantasy series. In other words, somewhat mechanicalold-feelinggame ambient background music. 

As of now, I think that the atmosphere I want to re-create in PBS is a game-nostalgic one, with an evident partition between the inside the screen and the player. I’d like the player to be overly conscious of being playing a game… if this can ever make any sense πŸ˜•

What I plan to enhance are the mechanical feeling of a button GUI lacking any fancy animation (still to be implemented), a year that is not as modern as the present and the BGM, better if not “cool”.

I guess that these are the current guidelines for PBS development.

Kairi, a narcissist.

The biggest “shock” of this new trailer is probably the main character πŸ˜…

As announced in last week post, Kairi is near the title of king of narcissists and for this reason, more than his dialogues, I worked very carefully on his thoughts aka the most immediate vessel the player is going to use to understand him. (Livestraes, who is the first ever beta tester for each scene, also made me delete one sentence because it sounded too much offensive towards Teru despite not being addressed to him at all, lol)

I believe that there are going to be players who will either like or hate Kairi, however what I aim to create is a character with a pronounced personality, not only because it’s functional to the story, but also to entertain more. Besides, I want to make clear that the narcissism I talk about in the game is not necessarily a bad trait and I’m not trying to criticize or make “life lessons” on the topic. Take it just as a telling tool.

<<Research finds that narcissistic personality types do very well in interviews.>>(1)

Moreover, I wish to highlight that the whole story is not going to be a “moralistic fairytale” where Kairi is the bad guy who soon or later realizes that being self-centered is not good, and eventually turns into a nice person. Surely I plan to use some “healthy” confrontations with characters who can see through him and have different opinions on how to behave. But the ultimate choice is in player’s hands.   

Shin’s values are opposite to Kairi’s, and major confrontations in the story are going to be between the two of them.

Teru and Fujisa.

Three years prior this trailer, Kairi had just moved in Kujikawa where Fujisa and Teru, the first schoolmates he befriended, were in a rather complicated relationship.

In the demo the player can actually live what in the trailer is only seen through a quick flashback. Anyway for the moment take as truth what Kairi comments about his two friends because it’s very similar to what actually happened.

Other mentions like the Prince Charming Circle due to the overly popularity of Kairi among girls, the status of Fujisa etc. are all clearly explained in the part of game previous the time skip. Therefore, playing the demo is enough to arrive to the “cafeteria scene” with all the knowledge you need! 😎


I plan to release a new gameplay trailer next month and this time will cover the choice system in details. πŸ‘Œ (On a side note, these posts are becoming nerdier and nerdier, I mean, I also quoted a psychology book lol.)

Thank you for reading, see ya! πŸ™ŒπŸ’œ

1.Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities That Makes Us Influential, John Neffinger, Matthew Kohut.