New sprite art – First CG – 2nd scene completed!

Venice 2017.02.20, written by Kuna.

I’m one day late with this update but, in the end, I relaxed for the whole break so I didn’t find any time to turn on my pc and write eheh…

This post is full of artworks to introduce, so let’s begin!

First, I finished the sprite for a secondary characters that will make seldom appearances in the story. He’s a rather violent punk coming from Choumugai, the red light district. I already had his lineart done from a previous version of Serenade, so it didn’t take much to complete him. Anyway I wanted to customize him a bit more and ended up decorating his hoodie : D

His name in game will simply be “Angry man” or “Man”. You can find his profile card in the Kujikawa Character Page.

Second. First CG scene is completed. It’s part of the second scene of the game. Basically the “Angry man” will get annoyed at something he thinks Kairi has done, so the scene depicts the punk cornering our protagonist. 

By now scene two is fully coded and working. I still have to fix some pauses and timing during the dialogues but I will wait until some friend playtest it so that I can get different opinions about it. I’m eager to show some screenshots here on this blog but it’s still a bit early D: I’ll complete some more scenes and then I’ll surely do it.

In the meanwhile, this is the black screen that opens scene 2, with date and location. 

See you!