November original art.

Venice 2016.11.25, written by Kuna.

Another dev week is over. Work slowed down a bit because of irl issues, but I managed to accomplish something anyway.

Initially, I wanted to code the first scene of the game, but then I remembered about the gui update of Ren’py so… Instead of coding I spent a whole day studying the new features. This helped me organizing my work better though, and the file for Serenade now is tidier than ever lol.

Lastly, I worked on my painting skills. Last summer I planned to work on a new illustration once a week, but since I started painting sprites and backgrounds for the game it felt useless to waste up to 8 hours every week in side illustrations that will stop the game development progress. So I thought that during months already filled with graphic works I could used them for practice, and maybe paint only one illustration of my choice.

Since I’m not into any series at the moment I didn’t feel like painting fanarts and ended up painting one of my OCs once again. I’d like CG art in the game to have this feeling~

So, I hope you enjoy it, it’s Shin again!

Take care!