Off to 2018!

Venice 2017.12.31, written by Kuna.

Last year as well I made a “celebrative” post about the progresses made through 2016 for Serenade. Back then I mostly worked on a prototype and started the actual product only in November. Therefore, the work for the actual demo mostly happened in 2017. It was a long year in a sense but at the same time I can remember every detail of it. I guess that’s because it was the first year ever I kept a schedule for my commitment and firmly worked to my best towards a goal. Almost like it was my job.

And I enjoyed the experience. I wanted to train my discipline and test my limits in order to get prepared and one day turn my “hobby” into a real job. The way ahead is still long but I planned to do the first step right during 2018 and leave my job to commit full time to the development of Serenade. This is going to happen in March and it’s a decision I took exactly one year ago. I’ve been preparing for this moment but, you know, right? No one knows what life reserves, so for the moment I’ll just dive into this adventure and let you know if it works! One thing sure, I’ll be able to update Serenade way faster and finally complete the demo which is my priority right now. 

Similarly to last year, I planned to show a small collage about the work accomplished through the year. (The empty template

One month that I remember as the dearest was July. Indeed I used a photo of our “dev camp” with Livestraes who’s currently testing my ideas and prototypes. That’s probably when I truly fell in love with the idea of working all day on games. For the rest, it was a productive year but also a rushed one. Now I approached another way of working and I alternate tasks in my schedule. So, I don’t draw or write all day or for a week straight anymore. I try to have a different task every five hours and, generally, every day. For me it works better. I have to thank gamedev friends who made me open my eyes about this possibility! ; ) I’ll do my best to deliver quality contents in 2018 as well.

After a year I feel like Serenade community grew up. Now I can recognize the nicknames of you who regular supports this project through likes or retweets, both on Twitter and Instagram. I can’t be more grateful for this! So, thank you so much for this 2017! I hope we happily stick together for 2018 as well!

A wild Christmas Kairi appears!
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Honestly, I can’t wait to introduce Tokyo characters! Especially Shin. He’s like another main character, so it feels more natural to me to draw him next to Kairi. This moment could happen soon in 2018, who knows! I’ll finish the New “doggy” Year illustration soon, for the moment I hope you enjoy the lineart.

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Thank you for the support. Let’s meet again in 2018! Cheers!