【Official】Pitch Black Serenade walkthrough (demo)

2020.01.05 North Rhine-Westphalia, written by Kuna

Holiday season is basically over and we’ve now started a whole new year 🎀 ( ° ω °*)ノ 🎊 This past week was pretty productive and, for once, I’m super on schedule! I hope I can apply it for the entirety of 2020!

The Walkthrough

I’ve finally published the walkthrough for the demo of Pitch Black Serenade (you can download the PDF here). It was originally conceived as part of the upcoming art book, but since it was requested on itch.io, I thought of making those pages public (read more here). The walkthrough contained in the art book will be free of watermarks, and, as a bonus, it will also contain a two-page introduction and a timeline.


The walkthrough discloses some flags and secrets about the programming:

  • AG points, aka “Against-Parents” points. You’ll notice that acting against Kairi’s parents’ interests will reward the player with AG points. Interestingly enough, this points allow Kairi to get conspicuous rewards from Anna and Kazuran.
Kairi’s parents use their role to manipulate Kairi, taking big advantage of his amnesia.

Kairi has three ways of acting towards his parents: passive or compliant (just be transparent and never oppose); balanced (don’t lie, but say what you want to say); and manipulative. This last one triggers the most rewards.

As explained in the in-game tutorial about the “purple and white matter”, the more Kairi indulges in one behavior, the more difficult is for him to escape the personality that will mold out of it.

  • Many choices are reactions! I hope you have fun to take part in dialogues just with your own reaction, free from triggering major consequences in the story! (This applies to the majority of conversations that don’t include purple choices)
  • The demo is just a demo. Many things are not explained because, once in the full game, there will be more time for the player to take a closer look at all the variables involved. Nothing you choose in the demo is definitive. As a matter of fact, half of the story lies in the Tokyo Arc, so until you know the entire plot and meet the other two love interests, the game’s direction doesn’t really change.

    I’ll be glad if you play the demo just for fun because everything will be clear
  • in the full game and nothing will be hidden to the player! ( ´ ω ` *) But, of course, it makes me super happy that you’re already curious to take a look at the walkthrough. In short: have fun! Thank you for playing PBS! ヽ( ・∀・*)ノ

★Patrons only★

In this week’s Patreon post, not only it is possible to download the A4 size poster of the Christmas/Holiday artwork, but I also first introduce plans for the non-human characters of PBS. I will talk about it in further details on this blog as well, later on.

The Christmas/Holidays poster

That’s all

That’s all for this update! I’ll see you next!

Thank you so much for reading! ヽ( ・∀・*)ノ

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