On the way to the prototype.

Venice 2017.12.03, written by Kuna.

Quick entry with the updates from the past week : )

I prepared all the assets for the scene with Doc.Isahai and after coding it I’ll be able to send it for a preliminary testing, useful to have feedback on the flow of the narrative and on the new choice menus I’ve implemented during the last weeks.

I recently held a survey on Twitter, regarding Kairi’s outfit in the game (the one I’ll use after his graduation from high school).

Bow or tie? (・_・?) A rather difficult choice for me, and judging from the survey, even for everyone else… Both me and “partner in crime” cheered for the tie, but for the first prototype of the game I’ll go with the bow (I’ll now explain why).

I kind of want to give a distinctive color to each character and, as you probably have noticed so far, for Kairi said color is green. The original design for him was the one with the bow and, honestly, I can’t quite remember why, when I had to draw his sprite exactly one year ago, I drastically changed his outfit. Maybe because the tie looked more “realistic” and, probably, “adult”…? Anyway, I’d like to give the game a “tone”, and differentiate the style of people living in Kujikawa from the ones from Tokyo which the player will meet later in the game. I always thought of Kujikawa as a place “frozen in time”, more graceful and delicate even for its fashion. Moreover, I’d also like to give Kairi a distinctive feature for his clothing style. There will be other outfits in the game for him (and I plan to have him featured in some illustration too), and I’m thinking about having him wearing a bow when it’s possible. This won’t only be an aesthetic choice, but it sort of have a meaning for the story too. It’s too early to talk about it though ^ ^. I’ve saved the tie outfit as well, so if I ever think about going back, or the bow look doesn’t please at all I can always change it again. (I don’t like frequent changes of outfits so I don’t think I’ll use both).

Anyway, I’m really grateful for all the people voting. Learning that both outfits were appreciated helped in my choice a lot! : )

I also want to thank Xolf, who kindly helped summarizing and polishing the Story section of the website, now looking as a lot more appealing text to read! If you please, have a check! As an only person developer I’m extremely grateful for such support! ❤ 

Thank you for reading, see you!!