Painting backgrounds: a month later.

Venice 2017.03.31, written by Kuna.

5 Months Resume.

March is over. Since tomorrow I will radically change shift schedule at irl job so I don’t know yet how heavily this will compromise progresses for Serenade. What I can write now, though, are how things went during these five months I worked 6-8 or 10-12 hours per day on this game.

First of all, it didn’t went as planned : D It never goes, right? No matter how optimistically you plan your deadlines, there is always a sprite that won’t draw right, a background that won’t background the way one initially thought, etc. And it’s totally normal : D

Back in October, after several prototypes, I started the definitive version of Serenade. I first learnt how many hours a full background art would have taken, I noted down the things to improve, what part of the programming or of the visuals I would be missing and several other things. It was like a research period, during which I managed to complete 30% of the demo in length, 50 or 60% in assets. So what has failed the original plan? That’s a resume:

  • I was supposed to complete scene III within Feb 15th. But I’m finishing the coding right now, and I’ll be working on it for part of next week as well.
  • I was supposed to complete scene V within the end of April. I was so happy when thinking about this achievement! Finishing scene V would have meant coding more than I ever reached in my prototypes. So I felt excited imagining how those new scenes would have looked like. But nope. I will work on scene IV for all April and part of May. So we’ll talk about scene V way later, in June.
  • I was supposed to start working on the Tokyo arc by the second half of June. Being thing this way, it may happen in July (but this is a minor issue, since the Tokyo arc is part of a second release of the demo and won’t bother the development of the first one).

As you can see I’m quite late. But I learnt this is how game development works so I guess it’s okay. : ‘D

Second CG.

During March I’ve painted 4 background art while going on with the coding as well. The last art I painted will work as a CG scene and it depicts the car accident that caused Kairi’s amnesia.