PBS demo support campaign.

Venice 2018.09.09, written by Kuna.

This blog has been running for two whole years without stop! And I could say the same for the demo production which has been constant.

As many probably know, I’m a solo game developer. Back in March I quit my day job and have been living off savings and commissions in order to work full time on Pitch Black Serenade. I was able to handle my “survival” like this, but buying assets for the game is extremely difficult.

Therefore, I thought about launching a small campaign to collect some money for a few expenses:

  • The yearly fee for this blog. 
  • Programming for part of the demo.

If you’d like to help PBS demo production and this blog, please consider commissioning me a small artwork of one of PBS’s characters that will be delivered to your house! 🚁💨

I’m happy to introduce the Pitch Black Serenade’s inked portraits with serial number. series!

One portrait’s price is 10€ and will be shipped to your house with no additional costs.

Every additional portrait costs 10€. 

Be sure you’re willing to share your shipping address. Your commissioned artwork will be delivered anywhere in the world.

How to order?

Choose the character you prefer among Fujisa, Teru, Isahai, Cry and Kairi. I will draw a portrait of them for you!

There’s a limit of 20 commission slots for this campaign. 10 will be made in September and 10 in October.

Each artwork is signed and has a unique serial number that shows its chronological value. September artworks will be the very first, therefore they will have the lowest numbers!

This 20-slots campaign is unique to the release of the demo.

All who will commission an artwork for this first batch of portraits is going to have their name listed in the credits of the demo that’s going to be released shortly. 

All the money collected with this campaign will be split among the website’s yearly fee, the demo’s programming and the shipping fee for the portraits. 

Reserve a slot for a portrait by direct message on Twitter: @pbserenade

Or by writing to kuna@97circle.com

Payment is upfront with Paypal.

Would you like to have the logo of your brand/game appearing in the demo? Consider buying a sponsorship! 🌟

The starting screen of PBS demo can show your logo or/and the address of your website. If you’d like to support Pitch Black Serenade this way, consider buying a sponsorship!

Write to kuna@97circle.com, sending the logo you’d like to have featured in .png format (high quality). I’ll show it in the initial screens of the game.


20€. Your logo will appear alongside others’.

30€. Your logo will appear alone.

All money collected this way will be invested in further development of the full game.

※(PBS demo has age restriction +12.)

Thank you for reading! I hope you’ll consider supporting PBS or just spread the word! I can’t wait for everyone to play the demo! 😁