Venice 2018.05.06, written by Kuna.

Perfectionism issues.

I’ve been working on the final version of the script for PBS’s demo since a year now. During said time I’ve improved my written English and I believe I’ve also got a couple of EXP levels in regards to my writing skill in general. It wasn’t wasted time, I needed that. But, keeping this pace, there’s a risk that the final version is never going to be final

Since I’ve started working on PBS, what I’ve been mostly worrying about was to deliver something decent. Back then I was aware I lacked most of the skills I needed to write this story. Releasing something during the early days would have produced a demo not so nice to play through after all… 

In script.

Among the TV series I enjoy there is a comedy one that I’ve always admired for its clever puns. Lately I got to see the latest season but after it ended, the TV channel aired the first episodes from 2007. I’ve watched those before, a bunch of years ago. I remembered the story but… I forgot they were somewhat lame! I’m not saying they weren’t good but compared to the latest seasons you can’t avoid thinking that their puns are a bit dumb… What a shock!

But this made me think about my “perfectionism issue”. First episodes were enjoyable anyway, even if not perfect, even if characters would say dumb things because characterization were still in the making. I realized that was totally fine. As long as it’s decent and enjoyable, it is okay.

Lately I’ve been working on the 4th scene in game, as I also wrote in my previous entry. I was at loss about the choice I needed to insert and I decided not to go for something out of line just for the sake of having a choice. I made up my mind eventually, and I prepared a menu. I’d describe it as “nothing exciting”, but I find it somewhat neat and enjoyable. Therefore, even if it’s not something to go hyped about, I’d like to prepare something that’s “okay”, just like those first episodes from 2007

In coding.

I’m not a programmer. This means that while being extremely and eternally thankful to have such amazing asset as Ren’py, I get easily pissed off whenever my script isn’t tidy and I can’t find quick solutions to what I want to implement in my game. In short, I want a lot of fancy features but I get mad if I have to write tons of script to create them…! Like some sort of cognitive bias, I can’t help but always imagining my script to be tidy and immediate to write…

However, by observing pros I realized that “perfectionism” eats a lot of time and energy out of you in this case as well. This means that making things “untidy but working” at times is okay. And I’m now ready to embrace this philosophy as well! As soon as the game works, why not! Lately, brainstorming about glitches in games I got to browse the infinite placeholders in Pokemon games and… gosh, that was educational!

Children’s Day illustration.

Bye bye, Golden Week~ Shin and Kairi enjoyed the last day by taking a walk under the carp streamers.🎏

I’ve probably already said it a bazillion times by now, but I can’t wait to get to the part in the story when Kairi and Shin are reunited again. At least, the illustrations about them would make sense to PBS followers as well…

While I can’t spoiler anything about their relationship for the moment, I guess I can digress a bit about some details which concern them. Probably something that you can already see in this picture…

Their body type is different! Kairi has a rather linear build and he’s neither too slim neither he gets fat just with an extra portion of food. Shin is skinny, with narrow shoulders and it’s almost impossible for him to gain weight. 

Thank you for reading, see ya!🙌💜