【Log】Pitch Black Serenade demo is one year old

2019.10.20 North Rhine-Westphalia, written by Kuna.

Exactly one year ago today I’ve published Pitch Black Serenade demo on itch.io. Since then, it received downloads, comments, retweets and appreciation, and I’m very happy to see that it was well welcomed!

I know, we’re talking about a demo here, not a full game. There’s no comparison between the two. Still, being PBS demo so complex and long, I’ve felt incredibly satisfied and surprised when, last year, I’ve got to finish it in time for the release.

So yeah, today marks the 1st anniversary of Pitch Black Serenade‘s first ever release to the world! 🎉ヾ( o´ェ`o*)ノ

I needed to work on art

Recently I’ve been focusing on the Halloween illustration. This year it consists in full body pictures of four characters. Such a huge project can take a good amount of time away from the development and that’s more or less how it’s going. Nevertheless I wanted to prepare this illustration the way I planned.

Game development consists of many different tasks that go from the writing to the sounds. There’s not really much time for drawing what I want. But I’m mainly an artist and I’ve always few chances to practice and level up my art. Plus, it’s been a while since my last full illustration so I’ve decided to go through this project and test my skills.

Deadlines are friends, though. Preparing four full linearts in a small slot of time has been a good exercise and I’m actually very satisfied with the outcome so far. So, as much as this is not 100% related to the development I feel like I needed to create some room for more illustrations of PBS‘s characters. I hope you’ll enjoy them when the illustration will be public!

Last month I’ve moved to Germany

In the same place where last year I uploaded the demo from. A quite place with a lot of nature 🍂💛 ( ´ω`*)

I’ve moved together with Gospel, and we now work in the same room. Whenever I look over my shoulders I can see his back and peek into his monitors to check what he’s working on! ( ´ 艸 ` *)

The two of us also got married this past week…! ( o´ノωノ`o*) Natsu sent us this amazing and lovely artwork of Raiko* and Kairi as a gift! ↓

Thank you so much, Natsu! Awwww!💕 And thank you everyone for all the lovely messages on Twitter! 💕

Right now we’re basically already back to our room catching up with work! From now on I will gradually go back to my routine.

Useful links

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🍁 Full linearts for Fujisa and Isahai (Patrons limited) ⇒ click me

🍁 Latest speed paint video on Youtube ⇒ click me

Thank you for reading

See you next week! ( ´ゝ∀・`*)ノシ

*Raiko is Shinrai‘s main character, aka Gospel’s creation.