Pitch Black Serenade x Jurassic June.

Venice 2018.06.25, written by Kuna.

PBS x Jurassic June.

Jurassic June is a month-long celebration of dinosaurs and… yes, it has nothing to do with Pitch Black Serenade‘s story and genre. However, dinosaurs’ fandom is funny and cool, so why not take the opportunity to write an extra scene with PBS’s characters? 😀 

It only lasts a couple of minutes, but I hope you’re going to have fun with it. I unambiguously tried to mock the latest Jurassic World movie… I mean, I couldn’t resist and had Kairi playing the part of the villain! 😅

That’s enough of a premise! I wish you a funny moment together with the Kujikawa Arc’s characters once again!

Progresses of the week.

While I had fun coding the dinosaur video, I also worked hard on the actual game too. The following list is what I’ve managed to accomplish this week.

  • Script for the investigation part is down on paper! For a total of c.ca 17,000 words and 27 choice forks. Half of the manuscript still needs heavy revision but I believe it won’t take too long and I’ll have it ready within the end of June.
  • The tutorial has been written down too! The game is going to give the player instructions on how to use the choice system, just before the investigation part starts. Once again, it’s early to talk about this topic in details, but from the chart above you can already see that some of the choice options are colored in purple. The game will use the same color to enhance those, and to better use them, a player will need this tutorial and their active judgment for each situation. 
  • An updated System Page is coming soon. With the help of Livestraes I was able to write a new System Page with recent information about PBS’s gameplay. The one currently displayed here on the website dates back to 2016 and has few information because early in the development many things were still to be decided. The new one will explain details about all the “actions” the player will be able to perform in game. I’m going to cover this topic in the next blog post, but here’s a preview of what to epect from the game features:
  1. Choose how to shape Kairi’s personality through the purple choices.
  2. Travel between Kujikawa and Tokyo to solve situations.
  3. Unlock collectible cards.

“UK Kairi”.

And a little omakeKairi “UK version”. This was a quick doodle I did to practice with colors. Since it’s Kairi I thought it would have been nice to post it here as well! 😇

I want to thank all the people who are regularly supporting PBS every week and follow its updates: thank you so much! Every time I see a like or a retweet from you I feel filled with support! 💖 PBS’s development won’t be the same without you! 💜💛💙

That being said, that’s all for this update! Thank you for reading, see ya next week!🙌💜